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Have you ever thought about a career in real estate? Maybe you are already licensed and looking for your next opportunity.

Why Kenna Real Estate is the Place for You. 

We hire leaders, problem-solvers, and value-driven professionals. We empower our people to rewrite the story of what it means to be a real estate agent. Join a brokerage that provides turnkey business and data-driven results and supports you with a growth-oriented mindset. Make genuine connections, build a legacy, and leave a mark on the industry - and your career.

Kenna Real Estate Values: 

  1. Problem Solver: This value emphasizes the importance of being proactive and resourceful in addressing challenges and finding solutions. Real estate can present various obstacles, from negotiating deals to resolving conflicts. Being a problem solver means approaching each situation with creativity, critical thinking, and determination to achieve positive outcomes for clients and the team.
  2. Driven: Being driven means having a strong sense of motivation, ambition, and dedication to succeed. In the real estate industry, being driven is essential for maintaining momentum, setting and achieving goals, and continuously striving for excellence. Whether meeting sales targets, expanding client networks, or staying ahead of market trends, a driven attitude fuels success and propels individuals and the team forward.
  3. People Smart: Real estate is fundamentally a people-oriented business, and being people clever means having excellent interpersonal skills, emotional intelligence, and the ability to build and nurture relationships effectively. This value emphasizes the importance of understanding and connecting with clients, colleagues, and other stakeholders on a deeper level, fostering trust, rapport, and mutual respect that ultimately leads to successful transactions and long-term partnerships.
  4. Team Player: Collaboration is critical in the real estate industry, and being a team player means prioritizing collective goals over individual achievements, actively contributing to the team's success, and fostering a supportive and inclusive work environment. Whether sharing knowledge, offering assistance, or celebrating each other's victories, being a team player promotes synergy, cohesion, and camaraderie within the organization.
  5. Teachable: Continuous learning and growth are essential in a dynamic industry like real estate, and being teachable means being open-minded, receptive to feedback, and committed to personal and professional development. This value emphasizes the importance of humility and a growth mindset, acknowledging that there is always room for improvement and actively seeking opportunities to learn from experiences, mentors, and training programs to enhance skills and expertise.

These values serve as guiding principles for individuals at Kenna Real Estate. They shape their behavior, decisions, and interactions as they strive to deliver exceptional service, achieve success, and uphold the organization's reputation and integrity in the real estate market.

Full-Time Associate Broker,

The Associate Broker is an associate-level full-time sales position. This person will focus on working on real estate leads generated and provided by Kenna Real Estate, working the leads management process in the Sierra Interactive CRM system, and achieving weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual KPIs. You will conduct regular sales meetings with new clients, help them through the approval or listing process, utilize appropriate real estate documents, and work with our transaction coordinator to maintain and keep all contract deadlines. They will also be involved in discussions that move our brokerage forward on weekly team meetings, interacting with our leadership team multiple times per week. The Associate Broker role is a 100% commission role with the potential to earn over $165,000 annually. 

Performance Objectives

A major objective for this position is to work with existing leads to guide them towards a real estate transaction and bring in revenue resulting in:

  • Minimum Closings per year = 18
  • Annual GCI = $225,000

Another primary objective for this position is to master the Kenna Leads engagement process as well as the real estate process from the buyer and seller side by

  • Understanding and becoming well-versed in real estate contracts and legal requirements.
  • Mastering the Sierra Dialer CRM as well as GGMS Marketing workflow.

The last primary objective for the Broker Associate role is being involved in team meetings and belonging a voice among the wider Kenna Real Estate brokerage team to help facilitate growth and to serve our clients best..

  • Maintaining accurate records and tags in the Sisu Sierra Dialer CRM and SISU.
  • Participate in all internal meetings every week. This includes a 30-minute 1:1, two 30-minute role-play sessions, and a one-hour company-wide meeting.

Kenna Real Estate Top 5:

  1. Hit daily/weekly KPIs: minimum of 37 conversations or 4 new appointments weekly.

  2. CRM Management: Tag, manage, and follow up with all leads in Sierra Interactive

  3. Master Kenna Real Estate Customer Experience

  4. Close 18 deals annually w/ $225,000 GCI revenue.

  5. Bring your voice to all team meetings and protect the Kenna Values inside & outside of the office.

Perks & Benefits all included with monthly dues:

  • Office space, seasoned leadership support, sales & leadership training, 
  • Access to hundreds of warm and organic leads.
  • A dynamic and performance-driven environment where your voice matters.
  • Marketing materials, sales presentations, in-house transaction coordinator, and access to top loan officers in Denver.
  • Personalized sphere of influence marketing plan and social media management training

Our Culture: A Community of Support and Growth

We believe in building a workplace where every agent feels valued and motivated. Our culture is rooted in:

  • Collaboration: Work in an environment that fosters teamwork and mutual support.
  • Innovation: Stay ahead with cutting-edge tools and technologies.
  • Diversity: Thrive in an inclusive setting that values different perspectives.

Training: Sharpen Your Skills with Us

Our comprehensive training program is designed to help new and experienced agents excel.

  • Mentorship Programs: Learn from the best in the business.
  • Ongoing Workshops: Stay updated with the latest market trends and strategies.
  • Personal Development: Grow your skills with personalized development plans.

Lead Generation: A Constant Flow of Opportunities

Our robust lead generation system sets Kenna Real Estate apart, ensuring you always have a pipeline of potential clients.

  • Advanced Marketing: Benefit from our strong online presence and digital marketing strategies.
  • Community Connections: Leverage our extensive network within Colorado.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Tools: Manage and nurture leads effectively.

Join Kenna Real Estate for a Successful Career as a Real Estate Agent in Colorado

In addition to the comprehensive steps outlined above for becoming a real estate agent in Colorado, aligning yourself with a reputable and supportive brokerage can significantly enhance your career prospects. That's where Kenna Real Estate comes into play.

Why Choose Kenna Real Estate?

  1. The reputation of Excellence: Kenna Real Estate is renowned for its high service standards and deep market knowledge, making it a prestigious brand to be associated with.
  2. Training and Support: As a new agent, you'll benefit from Kenna's extensive training programs and mentorship opportunities. Their focus on continuous learning ensures you're always up-to-date with the latest market trends and real estate laws.
  3. Marketing and Technology: Leverage cutting-edge technology and marketing tools provided by Kenna Real Estate. These resources are designed to maximize your efficiency and help you effectively market properties and your services.
  4. Networking Opportunities: Joining Kenna means becoming part of a community of experienced real estate professionals. This network is invaluable for sharing knowledge, referrals, and support.
  5. Competitive Commission Structure: Kenna offers a competitive commission structure that rewards your hard work and dedication, ensuring a lucrative career.
  6. Client-Centric Focus: Kenna's philosophy centers around putting clients first. This approach leads to satisfied clients and a rewarding and fulfilling career for you as an agent.

Commitment to Your Success:

At Kenna Real Estate, the focus is on selling properties and building successful real estate agents. They invest in your success with various support services, from lead generation to professional development. This holistic approach ensures you have everything you need to thrive in the dynamic Colorado real estate market.

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If you're committed to building a successful career as a real estate agent in Colorado, consider joining Kenna Real Estate. With our support, training, and resources, you're on a path to success in this exciting industry. Contact us today to learn more about how you can become part of our team and start making your mark in Colorado real estate!

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