10 Reasons to Select Custom Cut Tempered Glass for Your Home and office

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When you need to replace the broken glass of your coffee table at home. Alternatively, you need to install glass interior walls at your new office. It makes a significant difference if you know how a custom cut tempered glass differs from a regular glass.

Why select custom cut tempered glass sheets when other choices are available?

Before we delve into all geeky details, the chief difference between custom cut tempered glass sheets and regular glass lies in their manufacturing. Tempered glass is at least 6 times stronger than standard glass. This makes it resistant to impacts. Chemical methods or controlled thermal treatments enhance their toughness. The outer surface undergoes compression while the interior surface undergoes tension. This difference of stress to outer and inner surfaces enhances safety. It causes the glass sheet to crumble into a fine, spider web pattern, when broken, instead of flying shards of glasses. The usual glass breaks into sharp-edged pieces. These are more likely to cause injury. Whereas toughened glass sheets crumbles into smaller, rounder edged pieces. 

Now, you would certainly not want to splurge money on a usual glass because it breaks easily. It also compromises your safety. Therefore, we try to look into more detail how it is wiser to choose a tempered glass over a regular glass one by one:

 Tempered Glass is Strong

1. Stronger and durable: 

Tempered glass is actually a toughened glass. Thermal and chemical treatments help in manufacturing these glasses. These cause compressions in the outer surface and tension in the inner surface of the glass. This process makes tempered glass up to six times stronger than ordinary ones. It can effectively resist scratches, impacts, strong winds, blows and weather events.

 Tempered Glass is Safe

2. Safer for kids’ room:

An ordinary glass upon shattering breaks into large shards. This can cause deep cuts and serious injuries. However, when tempered glass shatters, it breaks into small, blunt, pebble-like pieces. These pieces are relatively harmless. This makes tempered glass a much safer option. Additionally, because of thermal treatment, it is less likely to break upon impact than ordinary glass.

 Tempered Glass is Easy to Clean

3. Easy to clean:

Generally, the tempered glass comes with an oleo phobic coating. This coating protects it from fingerprints, smudges, etc. Any cloth can clean it very easily. Furthermore, since it breaks into smaller pieces that are not dangerous, it can be easily cleaned using a broomstick. The pieces will also not damage the trash container. Moreover, the waste management worker is safe while disposing of it.

 Tempered Glass is Scratch Resistant

4. Scratches resistant:

The thermal treatment of tempered glass makes it superior to ordinary glasses in terms of strength. It can effectively resist scratches upon impact from sharp objects, wind stress, etc.

 Tempered Glass offers Thermal Insulation

5. Thermal insulation:

During the manufacturing process, tempered glass is treated with a high range of temperatures. This process makes the glass molecules resistant to higher temperatures. This provides excellent thermal insulation and makes it more energy efficient. The glass does not melt or weaken even on the application of direct flames. This makes it suitable for use in laboratories, fire engines and other buildings that require strict fire safety norms.

 Tempered Glass offers Sound Insulation

6. Sound insulation:

Tempered glass is thicker than ordinary glasses. The additional thickness minimizes sound bounce and leakages. This makes it suitable to use in office conference rooms. In vehicles, it provides insulation from external noise pollution for a better driving experience.

 Tempered Glass

7. Better quality and clearness:

It provides excellent clarity when installed in a variety of settings. It does not affect sharpness, color, and image quality when installed on electronic devices. All electronic devices like mobile phones, computer screens, and television screens use this glass. Quality wise, they are superior to other glasses in terms of strength, safety, thermal and sound resistance.

 Tempered Glass offers Design Versatility

8. Design versatility:

Tempered glasses are useful in a variety of applications because of their toughness and safety features. They are customizable into various sizes, shapes, thicknesses, and edge types according to the requirements. Patterned, frosted, clear colored and engraved options cater to different styles and tastes. It can be used in frameless shower doors also as it is thermally resistant to hot water. You can get your desired shape and size by cutting tempered glass.

 Tempered Glass has Different Uses

9. Scope of use:

Tempered glasses find their use in both household and commercial settings. In common households, they act as tabletops, glass shelves, frameless shower doors, cabinet doors, fireplace coverings, etc. In commercial offices and buildings, they can be used near doorways and stairways, for large window panes, conference rooms, elevators, etc.

 Tempered glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes

10. Enhanced elegance:

Tempered glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be patterned, frosted, tinted or colored. They can make your household furniture look more aesthetically pleasing. When installed at office spacing they can transform the work area. They allow more light to enter, segregate workstations and fill empty spaces, etc.

Apart from all the benefits stated above, the custom cut tempered glass increases your house worth. They safeguard the interior in case of natural disasters like hurricanes or tornadoes. Moreover, custom cut tempered glass finds its uses almost everywhere in your home. From the glass board of kids' room to shower doors in your bathing room, this glass can be used anywhere. Other uses like the impact-proof windows at home and vehicles, glass table tops and shelves, fireplace coverings, plates and cookware are also very common. In offices, these toughened glasses make elegant cabin walls. They can also be used near doorways and stairways. 

Finally, selecting the glass for your home or office ultimately depends on what you want. How you will use it is also very important. However, to safeguard your property and get the best worth of money, it is good to know about glass types and what they are designed for. In the long run, you would save money. Furthermore, you save the stress of replacing and cleaning the broken glass. You will also be safe against the damage it can cause to your home and family. 

 Custom Tempered Glass

Selecting Custom Cut Tempered Glass

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