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Short Sales in Denver Area - Part 2

Sellers: Documents Required to request a Short Sale

If you are in the beginning stages in selling your home as a Short Sale, here is a reference check list of the documents that will be required by the lender. Sometimes this packet is called the Hardship Package. It is a good idea to collect all the documents ahead of time to avoid delays and to make sure everything is in place. Lenders do not accept packets that are not complete, and submitting random pages or individual documents only causes delays in processing your short sale.
We require the seller to have the documents gathered ahead of time, even before listing the home. This way the ball gets rolling immediately and without delays. If your listing

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Denver Luxury Foreclosures
Finding and Getting your Diamond in the rough

Denver Luxury Homes and Real Estate market is doing very well. Luxury Homes in Denver are selling, some very quickly and many for 97%-100% of the listing price. Only a very small number of Denver Luxury Homes end up in foreclosure. Currently there are only 11 Denver Luxury Foreclosures, now called lender owned homes, on the market. (homes one million dollars and over)

denver luxury foreclosures

When you do find a bank owned luxury home in Denver, you have (in most cases) come across a great deal. Often the homes are assessed several hundred thousand dollars more by the county than the listing price of the house is. With good credit or cash and with a clean contract (meaning - no contingencies) you…
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Short Sales in Denver - Part 1 - Introduction

Frequently Asked Questions about Short Sales in Denver

Is Short Sale the right choice for you?

What is a Short Sale?

In short, the Short Sale occurs when a lender is willing to accept less for the loan than what is owed by the borrower to pay off the loan. Each lender uses their own criteria for accepting a short sale.

Why are some homes sold as short sales?

A home owner who has a mortgage on their home and no equity may be able to list their home for sale as a short sale. There are several criteria that need to be met in order to qualify for a short sale. More on that later... But basically the value of the home has declined (in some areas more than others) since purchasing the home. For Example, the owner bought the home for

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"We were told we would get a response today from the bank on a short sale..."

You put in an offer for a house that is being sold as a short sale.
You were told you would get an answer back by today.
But you haven't heard anything back right?
It happens.

short sales can take a long timeIf you are a buyer and are looking to buy a Short Sale, one of the things you have probably heard is that it could take a while. A long while. Weeks. Months. Forever it seems.
Depending on many variables (lender, listing agent, etc.) getting the lenders approval for the short sale can take anywhere from a short couple of days to literally months.
Sometimes the short sale doesn't even get approved. Sometimes the short sale gets approved for more than the listing price. Yes it happens too.

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Dog Parks in Highlands Ranch - HOUND HILL DOG PARK - Off Leash

Dog Parks in Highlands Ranch CO - Hound Hill Dog Park in Highlands RanchWhen driving around Highlands Ranch, you will see pets, and more pets. Residents in Highlands Ranch love pets. So, Metro District Parks and Open Space offers Highlands Ranch Pets four dog parks - OFF LEASH (Yeah...)

The first featured Dog Park in Highlands Ranch is the HOUND HILL Dog Park

Hound Hill is located just south of Quebec/University/Lincoln intersection. The dog park is situated on a gently sloping terrain,  South of the Post Office and next to soccer fields, baseball field and a playground - the complex is called Highland Heritage Regional Park.


The Hound Hills dog park is very popular and often busy with pets and their owner, the dogs are happily skipping and

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New program offers No Down Payment Loan