3 Luxury Remodeling Projects to Increase Your Home's Value

Denver Luxury Home

If you are fortunate enough to have owned a luxury home in Colorado over the past decade, there is a very strong possibility that you have seen a handsome appreciation in that home’s value.


Nevertheless, even with the booming real estate market in Colorado, the COVID-19 pandemic has upended the natural rise of the market, causing volatility in some areas. As such, home improvement projects have increased exponentially over the past months as homeowners have turned to renovations as a means of effectively filling their upended schedules.


If you own a luxury home and are looking to add some value to your property as you wait for life to return to normal, consider the following remodeling projects.

1. Replace the Kitchen Countertops

An important aspect of owning a luxury home is that quality remains consistent throughout the property. For example, it would be extremely tacky to have a million-dollar home utilizing budget roofing materials.


Nowhere can consistency of quality be more difficult to achieve than in the kitchen. From appliances to fixtures, cabinets to flooring, the kitchen has many components that must be appropriately tied together in order to make the space feel luxurious.


With this in mind, take a careful look at the countertops. If these surfaces are cracked, heavily stained, and/or feature a subpar laminate material, then making an upgrade should be a high priority. 


Quartz countertops are some of the trendiest surfaces on the contemporary market and will play exceptionally well in a luxury kitchen. Not only are these stately stone surfaces fabricated in a wide array of elegant designs that will mesh well with the color scheme of any space, but the durable, nonporous finish ensures that minimal effort will be required for cleaning and maintenance, keeping your luxury kitchen looking fresh for years to come.

2. Increase the Curb Appeal

While elements such as framing and foundation are the backbone of a quality home, even the most-well constructed houses will not maximize their potential market if they do not look pretty.


Those homes that cause passersby to do a double-take and pull out their phones for more information have a significant leg up on the competition. 


As Colorado arguably experiences greater exposure to the entire gamut of elements than any other state (the current summer snowpocalypse can serve as proof), it is a good idea to look into those exterior remodeling projects that both increase curb appeal while enhancing functionality of your luxury home, with the following ideas good places to start:


  • Permeable gravel driveways that allow for the even dissipation of melting snow--without the threat of freezing and cracking

  • Innovative exterior door trim that can give your entrances a facelift while helping seal out unwanted air and debris

  • Pergolas and awnings that can enhance functionality of your luxury home’s exterior spaces by providing shade on those bright Colorado days

3. Select Siding to Match the Region

Despite the huge influx of new residents that Colorado has seen in recent years that has led to hundreds of new subdivisions popping up over the Front Range, Colorado’s appeal is still deeply rooted in its western, frontier heritage.


Therefore, any remodeling projects that can help residents feel at one with the ranching and mining pioneers that helped shape this state will have unique appeal in the Colorado market. One idea is the use of white board and batten siding to give your luxury home the feel of an old-time farm estate. In addition to looking rustic, the steel siding from which it is composed is among the best choices for handling the broad spectrum of Colorado weather.

Choose Projects and Materials that Enhance Luxury

When remodeling in Colorado, choosing projects and materials that will enhance the essence of your luxury home is paramount to help your property rise to the top of a competitive market. 


Upgrading the kitchen countertops to nonporous quartz surfaces, taking steps to enhance curb appeal, and siding your house with rustic options that suit the region are a few remodeling projects that can increase the value of your luxury home.


Matt Lee is the owner of the Innovative Building Materials blog and a content writer for the building materials industry. He is focused on helping fellow homeowners, contractors, and architects discover materials and methods of construction that save money, improve energy efficiency, and increase property value.

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