4 Things You Must Do to Prep for a Successful Open House

4 Things You Must Do to Prep for a Successful Open House

Posted by Brian Burke on Friday, October 12th, 2018 at 12:59pm.

4 Things You Must Do to Prep for a Successful Open House

When you decide to sell your house, you want the process to move as quickly as possible so that you can move forward. Holding an open house is a key step toward getting potential buyers in your home and making offers. But, you need to prepare for the open house and work with a realtor to ensure that it is successful.

1. Listen to Your Realtor

There is a reason that you’ve hired a realtor to sell your home. Their expertise and experience results in faster home sales for higher prices. A six percent commission is well worth the marketing and negotiating skills a realtor brings to your sale. So, when your realtor makes suggestions for your open house, it is in your best interests to follow them. Many realtors advise hiring an inspector before putting your home for sale so you know if any issues need to be addressed.

2. Remove Items Not Included in the Sale

Potential buyers may want what they see in your home. You can avoid upsetting buyers and creating more questions for your realtor byremoving items that are not included in the sale. For example, if you bought a new, high-end light fixture, replace it with a standard model before the open house. Or, if you have an extra refrigerator in your garage, put it in storage. You can rent a self-storage unit for under $100 a month. For example, in Colorado Springs, the average monthly price for renting a storage unit is $97.32

It’s also a good idea to remove some of the furniture from your home before the open house. Even if you don’t include any furniture in the sale, eliminating some pieces will help your realtor stage your home before buyers come through it. Buyers also enjoy seeing uncluttered homes and being able to envision their furniture in your rooms, so get rid of extraneous furniture to make your house appear larger.

3. Make Your Home Inviting

The day of the sale, you need to ensure your home is as inviting as possible.The following are some ways to prep your home to welcome buyers and entice them to make an offer at the same time:

  •      Display fresh flowers
  •      Light some candles, especially in a small bathroom
  •      Wipe down sinks, counters, and mirrors
  •      Ensure a comfortable temperature inside your home
  •      Make your beds and fluff your pillows
  •      Do a final floor cleaning with a vacuum or duster
  •      Clear countertops and declutter and put a basket of items in your car if you need to hide items in a hurry
  •      Turn on exterior lights
  •      Pull back your curtains to let in natural light and replace burnt-out bulbs
  •      Brew a fresh pot of coffee for potential buyers, bake cookies, or burn a candle to add a homey aroma

4. Depersonalize Your Home

While you don’t need to remove every trace of your family from your home for an open house, you should take some steps todepersonalize it. Buyers need to be able to visualize themselves in your home, and that’s difficult to do when they see family photos, kids’ art projects, and college diplomas on your walls.

Remove items that have sentimental value to you and decorate with a few little touches like fresh flowers, clean hand towels, and candles. Putting away personal items can result in more offers and a higher selling price, so it’s worth the time to take yourselves out of the equation.


A successful open house can make all the difference in enticing buyers to make appealing offers. Be sure to listen to your realtor. Then, remove items not included in the sale, make your home inviting, and depersonalize your house.

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