COMMUTE From a Home that is Close to Work

Countless people spend seemingly endless hours in their cars, buses, or trains each day. And it is safe to say that regardless of how much they love their jobs, not many of them enjoy this lengthy to-and-fro travel stretch. 

One cannot stress enough the fact how commute times can affect your life and everyone around you. Not only are lengthy journeys a waste of valuable time, but they can also have adverse effects on your health. For instance, more travel time means less time to rest. Also, rush hour can give many people anxiety and increase blood pressure.

Those who manage to cut down on commute times enjoy several benefits that lead to a better quality of life. Following are some top ones for reference.

1. Better Health

Lengthy commutes can cause significant long-term damage to your body. Your posture will decline, stress levels increase, and you may go into depression. Short commute times will eliminate most of these unpleasant and potentially dangerous health risks. You will find yourself healthier, more energetic, and mentally motivated to get on with the day.

2. Improved work-life balance

The less time you spend traveling to work and back, the more time you will have for your family and friends. This is key to enjoying a well-balanced professional and personal life. You can take your loved ones out more often and even have more time to spend on yourself. Also, you can finally learn that skill you’ve always wanted to but couldn’t because you never had any spare time.

3. Less impact on the environment

Besides impacting the health of commuters, long commute times are harmful to the environment as well. Thousands of vehicles spending hours on the roads each day release a vast amount of hazardous gases. This increases pollution and leads to congestion. It harms every living organism within and around the area. If everybody cuts down on commute times, the harmful impact on the ecosystem would be much less.

4. A happier life

It is important to note how commute times can affect your life quality and overall happiness. Typically, even if you love driving, your passion for it will decline if you have to do it for endless hours every day. Shorter commute times will help preserve your love for driving and enable you to enjoy it. Also, you will have greater job satisfaction as long commutes can make you resent going to work.

The role of commuting time when buying a home

Many people prioritize the size of the house, a safe neighborhood, good schools in the area, and other such factors when buying a home. They prefer living away from the noisy hustle-bustle of city traffic. But there are folks who consider commuting time as well. For instance, they prefer shorter commutes from the house to work, the nearest markets, medical facilities, and other essentials. The value of the home will change depending on both these scenarios.

The bottom line is that commuting time can play a significant role in determining the value of a property. Either way, it is wise to carefully study all essential factors and then pick a house that best suits your needs.

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