The 5 Best Grass Types for Denver, Co Lawns

Denver Lawns

Curb appeal is an essential part of drawing attention to your home. Potential buyers who see a well landscaped and maintained yard will be more motivated to walk through the front door. Lawn care can seem like a mundane task to keep up with when selling your Denver home, but a beautiful lawn can raise your Denver home’s property value. When choosing what to plant or reseed, consider these five best grass types for Denver lawns that will ultimately thrive, look the best, and maximize your home’s curb appeal.

1. Kentucky Bluegrass

This popular grass type is well known for its ability to handle a wide variety of weather conditions. Colorado homeowners find that Kentucky bluegrass is both tolerant and resistant to damage caused by disease and pests. This hardy grass also does well in harsh winter conditions common in the Denver area. It is quick to green up in the spring and has a rapid growth pattern that helps to fill in bare spots. Homeowners who choose Kentucky bluegrass should note that the plant does form a fair amount of thatch which can require other maintenance. The lawn would need aerating and dethatching to keep the grass strong and healthy.

2. Tall Fescue

Those Centennial State homeowners looking for a dense grass with deep roots should look no further than tall fescue. This cool-season grass features a deep root structure that can grow up to 4 feet beneath the soil. Tall fescue thrives in well-drained soil and can handle a wide range of soil conditions. It is excellent for those lawns with a lot of shade. Many Denver homeowners who want a hardy grass that will anchor to the ground choose tall fescue for their yards.

3. Perennial Ryegrass

If your lawn is the common spot in the neighborhood for kids, Perennial ryegrass is a good grass option. This robust grass variety can handle a lot of wear and tear and used widely in areas of high foot traffic. It doesn’t lose color or texture making it the right choice for those lawns used daily. Perennial ryegrass is more prone to disease and pest issues than other grass varieties. Be sure to keep an eye on the grass for any problem areas that may occur. Many homeowners choose perennial ryegrass thanks to its hardy qualities and relatively low maintenance requirements.

4. Fine Fescue

Fine fescue is another Denver favorite that does exceptionally well in shaded parts of the yard. This Fescue variety doesn’t need a lot of extra energy or watering making it an excellent low maintenance option for the busy homeowner. It does well on unusual soil conditions including sandy and rocky areas that are less fertile. This grass variety would be suitable for those homeowners who have mature trees and landscaping as well as those in more urban areas with tall buildings on either side of the yard. For yards that are partly shaded, consider blending fine fescue with Kentucky bluegrass for an overall uniform look.

5. Buffalograss

This warm-season grass is used less in the Denver area given the city’s high elevation. However, there are some portions of the city where buffalo grass grows in great success. Those homes should be lower than 6,500 feet in elevation and have low foot traffic for best results. This grass requires a full year of careful maintenance to achieve a beautiful lawn, making this a lesser-known choice for homeowners who are moving.

There are many options to choose from when adding new grass seed to your Denver lawn. Consider taking a walk around the block to find other lawns that you like in the neighborhood. Research which variety of these five best grass types for Denver lawns would do well in your home’s location.     For more about Denver lawns check out these Care Tips 


5 Best Grass Types for Denver Lawns


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