5 Tips for Selecting Horse Properties in Denver

Horse Properties in Denver 5 top tips.

Finding the right property for your dream ranch is a daunting task. You are going to need help of experienced realtors for finding properties that is best suitable for your ranch. Whether you are going to purchase an existing ranch or buying raw land to build your dream horse property, the same rules and fundamentals apply. Keep these below concepts on your mind, so that you final selection will remain a happy one for a long time.

1. Hire a Professional

Locating quality horse properties in Denver requires some expert services of a realtor – one who is knowledgeable about desired area. The realtor you choose must be specialize in country property and should have few years of experience in dealing properties on that area. Your realtor agent should be knowledgeable about local development regulations, zoning requirements, permit process, septic systems, water systems and other land issues related to horse properties.

2. Think Ahead

Just because the property fits your requirements today that doesn’t mean it will do so in future. Is there sufficient space to improve or expand your current infrastructure? Do you plan on adding more facilities? Will you find your ranch surrounded by tract developments or owners that don't appreciate some of the improvements? Will water source remain plentiful there? Ask your realtor, Water District, the local Planning Department, Agricultural Extension Agent and local ranchers to solve your questions.

3. Check the Restrictions and Setbacks

Check the setback distance of the horse property that you want to buy. Setback distances range from less than ten feet to hundred feet or more. Check the setback restrictions of the property before you buy. Don’t forget to review the latest Planning Department regulations before you start looking property in a specific area.

4. Water Supply

Every locale has specific regulations for water quality.  Check the amount of water available in the aquifers beneath your property as well as how much water your well system can produce per minute or hour. To be considered a legal well, some water agencies require a minimum production capability of three gallons per minute, so check accordingly.

5. Ranch Layout

Ask for a good and perfect layout of the property. Check the access of large vehicles such as horse trailers, trucks and delivery vehicles to your property. Consider facts such as mowing, irrigation, vegetation and manure disposal, equipment storage, etc. when you evaluate facilities.

Maintain your long term perspective, so that each issue resolved will bring you one step closer to your dream horse property in Denver. At Denver Luxury Homes, we offer high quality, beautiful, well- conditioned and authenticate horse properties in stunning locations of Denver. Dial (303) 710-2609 to contact our expert realtors for further queries.

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