Beautiful Colorado Yards

Having a pristine lawn adds on to the aesthetic value to your home. Your outdoors can easily form the judgment of the interior of your house. It is crucial that you keep your lawn looking lush and splendid at all times especially during the outdoor season. Maintain a beautiful lawn is certainly not rocket science and doesn’t need all those expensive chemicals to set it apart from all the neighbors’ outdoors. If you are tired of having an overgrown hedge and tanned grass then look no further- these five steps will completely revolutionize the way your outdoor looks and turn your home into the envy of others:

  1. Cutting

Cutting grass is essential and basically can change a mediocre looking outdoor into a five star rating lawn. Do not hesitate to bring in the mower to lay even your front porch at any point. The key in cutting grass is to do it often rather than doing it when you remember or when you notice the overgrowth. This will ensure healthy growth of the grass. It is mundane that you mow the lawn evenly and in different directions. Cutting grass in the same direction may cause stunted growth as the repetitive pattern may ruin the whole structure of the grass causing stunted growth. Change the pattern of cutting it substantively, this will definitely yield the results you are looking for. You must also be keen on not to cut too much, estimate two thirds of the grass to cut instead of clearing it all the way to the roots. Be sure not to cut too much when the sun is too hot for distance in the summer as this will cause them to dry out.

  1. Fertilizer

As much as cutting grass comes highly recommended as a way of improving the aesthetic value of your lawn, it can also be retrogressive. This is owed to the fact that cutting it entails chipping off the parts of the grass with nutrients- nutrients which are substantive to the growth and healthiness of the lawn. It is therefore mundane to take the extra step and give back to nature. Replacing the nutrients lost is quite easy, fertilizers that contain components such as phosphorous, potassium and nitrogen are advisable. During the spring season you can utilize the mentioned fertilizer every four weeks to nurture your lawn and keep it healthy and pristine. As for the instructions, you need not to worry as they are carefully indicated on the packaging- the amount and the method of use is clearly stipulated.

  1. Watering

Nothing else keeps your lawn looking more lush and green than water itself. Watering your grass is dependent on a number of factors such as temperature and humidity. The hotter it is, the more watering should be done to avoid drying out of the lawn. If it is extra humid, t is advisable to tone down on watering the lawn. You can easily tell when your grass is not doing too well, the blades tend to take on a different greyish color and they start to wilt at a fast rate. Be keen on maintaining a regular watering system to avoid the curl up of grass. In cases whereby the grass has been newly planted, you are advised to water the lawn more than you would old grass. This is simply to ensure that the seeds undergo full germination well and the roots are well formed. There are different watering ways you can take up for your lawn, all are effective and efficient: you can garden by hand which is most popular amongst many gardeners or automatically given the new technology in place. You can also choose the sprinkler to do the work of you- go for a more sophisticated method which is the computer integrated intelligent system. All you have to do is simply program them to a certain time and amount. Whichever method works for you should be incorporated as long as your lawn is fully looked after.

  1. Weed control

Weeding can be quite the annoying task if the right methods are not applied. However, with sheer resilience and correct skill, your lawn will be weed free in no time. You can opt for a manual, mechanical or chemical solution when it comes to battling the growth and regrowth of weed. Small weeds like white clover should be removed manually using a scarifier which will disturb them and prevent regrowth. Other weeds like Daisies should be uprooted by a root weeder, it is crucial that you go deep so as to completely eradicate them. You can also opt for herbicides when the weeds persist.

  1. Scarifying and aerification

The roots may not access enough oxygen for growth due to the loamy soil. It is therefore advisable to make small holes in the soil so as to ensure enough oxygen reaches the roots. You can also add sandy soil in these holes as it is easier for water to penetrate and distribute the air that prevents stunted growth. Ensure that you always remove the dead roots and debris to give your grass more breathing space and consequently propagate stronger stems.

Achieving a beautiful lush lawn is quite easy especially if are keen on these five steps. Make sure you are consistent with your practices and are keen not to overdo them.



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