6 Low Maintenance Plants Perfect For Denver Gardening





It’s not easy being a green thumb in Colorado. Between the scant amount of rainfall, the cold winters, and the soil, a lot of plants need help to thrive in a Mile High garden. Lawns need watering and aerating more often. But if you choose your grass type and plants wisely, you can have a garden full of color and visual interest, with little work. Here are six low maintenance plants perfect for your Denver garden.


1. Blue columbine



Nothing says Colorado likethe state flower, the Rocky Mountain columbine, or blue columbine. It’s a native plant that produces beautiful blue or lavender and white blooms with no maintenance. Other varieties produce pink or yellow blossoms, but the blue columbine is the iconic Mile High flower. It’s a smaller plant, growing only about 8 inches high. It’s well adapted to the cool nights and dry days of the Rocky Mountain West.


2. Desert four o'clock



Desert four o'clock are a hardy perennial that produce bright pink, red and yellow flowers. They also are as low maintenance as it gets in Colorado, reappearing like clockwork every year. The trumpet-shaped blooms open in the late afternoon — thus the name — and give your garden a brilliant pop of color with little maintenance.


3. Yucca



The yucca brings visual interest to your landscape, with zero effort from you once it is planted. It’s long, sword-shaped leaves are unmistakable in your yard. Since it'snativeto Colorado, it's well-suited to the amount of rain Denver gets, as well as the extreme temperatures. The yucca produces long spikes of ivory-colored flowers as well.


4. Penstemon



The penstemon comes in a rainbow of colors — perfect whether you have a color theme, or you're going for a random wildflower rainbow look. You can find this Colorado flower in blue, white, pink, purple, red, and other colors. The plants grow to be about a foot high and attract birds to your yard. The penstemon is also drought-tolerant and likes lots of sun — which is good in a state that gets more than 300 days of sunshine every year.


5. Poppy Mallow



Winecup is another name for the poppy mallow. This magenta wine-colored flower is drought tolerant and is great in a xeriscaped yard, or as a ground cover.  The shrub can grow to two to three feet across, and the flowers open during the day but then close up at night. This low maintenance plant will be a hit in your garden all summer long.

6. Purple coneflower

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