6 things to do to your new home before you move in

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It wasn't easy; it never is. You searched for the perfect house for so long. You read up on all the information out there on what you need to look for in a new home, and now that you've finally found the perfect one, you feel almost dazed. A fresh beginning awaits, a new world of possibilities. Still, before you get swept up in all that excitement, there are a few things that need to be done first. Doing so can help you down the line. I'm not here to dampen your mood but offer some friendly advice. Heed my words and take a gander at the six things to do to your new home before you move in. 

Got the Keys to Your New Home? Perfect...Now Chuck Them Out!

I'm sure the previous owner seems like a stand-up fellow, but you never know who has the keys to what is now your new home. It's a simple matter of security. You are the new owner, and changing the locks is the sensible thing to do. Once that is done, have some spare keys made. During the hustle and bustle of moving in, the worst thing that can happen is to be left locked outside. If every household member is given their set of keys from the get-go, you only have to focus on keeping track of your copy. 

Water and Electricity

The two things you can't do without. Be sure to locate where the fuse box and water valves are. It's easier to do it beforehand when the place is relatively empty and there is no time pressure, as opposed to, say, when the upstairs bathtub is threatening to crash through the ceiling and onto the dining room table. When an emergency breaks out, it's already too late to start googling how to stop water damage in your home; you should already be well prepared. Another good idea is to familiarize yourself with the whole house, even before you bring in the first box. This walk-through will allow you to check that the previous owners adhered to the previously agreed-upon terms of purchase. They did do the repair work they promised, they did leave the washing machine, as agreed, the outlets and fixtures are indeed in working order. 

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

The last thing on your mind is more chores and work, but again, you are moving into, as of yet, still unfamiliar territory. Simple rules of hygiene dictate that a deep clean is in order. Don't fret; there are professionals out there that can be hired to perform just that task. Make sure that you are off to the perfect start by moving into a spotless new home. Nobody wants to finally finish the relocation process and discover something rather unpleasant tucked away in a corner somewhere. Get the house disinfected, steam-cleaned, refinished, repainted, wiped, polished, and looking spick and span before the big move. 

A kitchen island in a spotless home

 Gotta Have a Plan

This is a sort of two-for-one tip, a twofer, if you will. Since I know that you are, without a single doubt, following all the steps I already laid out, why not use that walk-through to make a mental plan of where things will go. It makes little sense to bring in a piano, sofa, king-sized bed, cabinet, snowboard, old records you are keeping due to nostalgia, and an endless procession of boxes and bags, without knowing where to place them. 

The second part refers to the repair/maintenance schedule. Unless you have bought a brand spanking new home, there will inevitably be work to be done. Get a jump on it by making a plan of what needs to be done and when. Furthermore, even if everything is in tip-top shape, specific preparations need to be made. A good example winter preparation. Several steps need to be taken to make any home winter-ready, so you must stay ahead of the game. It may seem almost unnecessary, but putting things on paper helps you get a proper perspective and make daunting tasks look more doable. 

Things to do to Your New Home Before You Move In? Let Everyone Know!Letters from the game Scrabble spelling out the plan

Things to do to Your New Home Before You Move In? Let Everyone Know!

Put down the phone. I was not referring to social media, although that can be one way of doing it. I was referring more to those people who send you those lovely postcards every month. Banks, loan providers, and similar should be informed about the change of billing address. Of course, friends and family need to be notified too. The post office should be made aware of your change of address. You should also update your information on your driver's license and any services that require a place of residence. I know; the selfie in front of your new fantastic house is a lot more fun, but take care of the administration work before you move in, and you can relax once you are settled in.

Kids, Both the Two-Legged and Four-Legged Kind

If you are moving into a new home, chances are you are bringing a few small creatures with you that require your constant protection. Whether they be little kids or furry critters, child/pet-proofing the place is the sensible thing to do. There is one more thing to consider. The day of the move itself is hectic; children running around crowded rooms are not ideal. Having someone to step in and take care of them could help. As for pets, it makes sense not to change their routine much leading up to the day of the move. Once the big day arrives, though, a good cattery or kennel could be the way to go. It's just for a brief period of time until the chaos of relocating has finally subsided.

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Meeting New People After the Move Itself

This is an added piece of advice to be used once the move has been completed. See, the chances are that you scouted out the area before signing on the dotted line. You like the neighborhood, are pleased with the distribution and accessibility of amenities, and generally enjoy the vibe of the place! Now it's time to integrate yourself into the community properly. Getting to know your neighborhood sets the stage for possible long-term friendships, Sunday barbecue invites, or just having the possibility to smile and wave at somebody. Still, this can be daunting. Now, more than ever, it seems harder to connect with new people in the real world. There are plenty of tips that you can employ to stay social and meet new people. So, don't be shy and say 'hi' to your new neighborhood!

All Set to Move-In

With all of the above taken care of, you are well and truly ready to enjoy your new home. Seems like there is a lot of preparation work? All of it can be taken care of relatively quickly if you are organized and smart about it. Follow the above six things to do to your new home before you move in and, once you do, there will be 600 things to enjoy after you move in!


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