7 Things You Should Bring To a Car Show

7 Things You Should Bring To a Car Show

For some car collectors, the process of restoring or searching for a new classic is the best part of the hobby. Others enjoy the feeling of pulling up to a car show in their classic car to show it off for the day. Of course, car shows aren't as simple as just showing up. If you’re new to the car show scene, here are seven things you should bring to a car show to maximize your experience.

Detailing Supplies 

Hopefully, you already prepared your vehicle before showing up, but hitting a puddle on the way over could create some dirt spots that you’ll want to take care of when you arrive. Some microfiber towels and polish stored in the trunk can be a lifesaver when you’re in a pinch.

Money and Registration 

Depending on the event, you won’t be able to just cruise on in. If you had to register in advance, bring all your paper documents as proof to make entry easy. It’s never a bad idea to carry some extra cash, too, for any available upgrades or purchases within the show.


One of the things you should bring to a car show that many people forget is awards. If your vehicle has won some awards, now’s the time to show them off. Consider setting up a table next to your car to highlight the accolades of your classic.


If you restored your car yourself, add some pictures to your awards table to show attendees and other car collectors the work you put in. Doing so will personalize your journey for visitors and help you gain some well-deserved respect from the car-collecting community.

Business Cards 

There’s a good chance you’ll make a few new connections with other collectors at the car show. Come with a few business cards or a note pad and writing utensil so that you and your new friends can stay connected.

Canopy Tent 

You can’t always pick where you get to park your car, even if you show up hours before the start time. Sitting under the hot sun all day can take its toll on you and your car. Bring a canopy tent for some extra shade on sunny days. Having a tent may end up attracting a few more people to your spot, too, if they’re looking to escape the heat.

Folding Chairs 

Sure, you’ll spend some time walking around looking at other cars, but you’re going to want to spend some time showing off your own, too. Bring some folding chairs for you and your friends so that you aren’t stuck on your feet all day.

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