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4 Things You Must Do to Prep for a Successful Open House

When you decide to sell your house, you want the process to move as quickly as possible so that you can move forward. Holding an open house is a key step toward getting potential buyers in your home and making offers. But, you need to prepare for the open house and work with a realtor to ensure that it is successful.

1. Listen to Your Realtor

There is a reason that you’ve hired a realtor to sell your home. Their expertise and experience results in faster home sales for higher prices. A six percent commission is well worth the marketing and negotiating skills a realtor brings to your sale. So, when your realtor makes suggestions for your open house, it is in your best interests to follow

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Denver has a lot to offer to its residents and tourists.  Aside from the booming cultural scene, the magnificent rock formations and mountains, the trail hikes and leisure parks, the mile-high city also has a growing culinary scene.  The list below enumerates various places where you can satisfy your sweet cravings when in Denver.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

Best known for its fudge, the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory has been steadily securing its niche in the dessert market as early as the 1990s.  The company has since expanded in different states but the original branches are still in Colorado. There is a wide variety of chocolate-based desserts to choose from, including Chocolate Walnut Cake, Rocky Road,

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More and more people around Denver are getting caught by the health and wellness bug.  There is a growing advocacy to stay fit and healthy. Also, the allure and beauty of nature is catching the attention of a lot of people nowadays.  One activity that targets both is hiking, where you build stamina and resistance while being treated to an up close view of nature’s splendor.

If you are headed out to Denver, Colorado, or nearby areas, you may want to try the following hikes.

Chautauqua Park in Boulder

Just 40 minutes from the city, Chautauqua Park offers a lot of trail options.  In fact, it has one, if not the best trail system on Colorado’s Front Range. This park became popular because of the Flatiron formations

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Beautiful Colorado Yards

Having a pristine lawn adds on to the aesthetic value to your home. Your outdoors can easily form the judgment of the interior of your house. It is crucial that you keep your lawn looking lush and splendid at all times especially during the outdoor season. Maintain a beautiful lawn is certainly not rocket science and doesn’t need all those expensive chemicals to set it apart from all the neighbors’ outdoors. If you are tired of having an overgrown hedge and tanned grass then look no further- these five steps will completely revolutionize the way your outdoor looks and turn your home into the envy of others:

  1. Cutting

Cutting grass is essential and basically can change a mediocre looking outdoor into a five star

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There is a growing health and wellness trend around the world.  Aside from the exercise and fitness regimens, people nowadays are also conscious with their food intake.  Whereas it was a novel concept before,the idea of eating food made from organic ingredients appeal to a wide range of people.  This may be the reason why there is also a growing interest with gardening and growing your own produce.

Spring Gardening

When gardening in Denver during Spring, it is best to prepare the condition of the general landscape first.   Clean up your raised beads by removing dead plants that are left over from last year. Prevent overcrowding and replant perennials in such as way that they will fully grow and mature.  Refresh and

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Getting the right real-estate agent or what we refer to as a realtor can be quite the daunting task but look no further as I am what you need if you require an upbeat candidate. You might find it to be quite challenging to entrust a realtor acquired online but be of good faith as many of the professionals can substantiate their expertise physically if required. I am the best of the best real estate agent and here are the reasons why you should opt for my finesse when it comes to purchasing or selling your home at a good price and in a timely manner:

  •          Experience

I have worked in this industry over a decade and have grasped the finer details of real estate at my fingertips. I have delved much deeper

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Denver's Best Restaurants

The restaurants in Denver are unique in aspect as they provide many cuisine varieties including Indian, Chinese, Italian, Spanish and others thereby promoting the cosmopolitan approach in dining. Apart from the diverse varieties provided by the restaurants in common, each of them has a unique dish speciality in themselves that promote them to the best among the others. In short, they are the master of that particular dish and cannot be overridden by any others in the dish taste and presentation. Not only they provide unique dishes they also provide dishes according to the seasonal requirements. For an instance, during winter, many restaurants provide Kimchi chigae or Mexican hot dogs as the prime dishes in the top of the

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The Ultimate List of the Most Reliable Air Conditioning Systems

Air Conditioners                                                                                                     



So you have finally found a home that you like. You like the overall design, the interior, the fixtures, and its proximity to good schools and commercial establishments. The only thing that’s stopping it from becoming the perfect home for you is its air conditioning system. More often than not, the AC systems that come with an existing home have already some years behind them. While AC systems are built to last long, some of those that come with a house are already old enough to be near the end of its rope.                           

Then again, because you love the house

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What to Look for When Buying a New House

Buying a Denver house is a complicated experience, even with the help of an experienced realtor.

As excited as you'll be to start the next stage of your life, there'll also be plenty of days packed with stress as you struggle to find the house of your dreams. Sometimes, if you're eager to move as quickly as possible, then you may even be tempted for something less than perfect, so that you can feel like you're making progress.

However, a house is a significant investment - and not something you should rush into. To avoid making any unnecessary mistakes, make sure that you look for the following key things when you're searching for your must-have property.

1.     A Roof in Good Condition

The last

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Horse Property in Denver - Wells and Septic Systems Advice

Buying a new home is a huge undertaking, and Kenna Real Estate want to work with you, our valued clients, to make sure it’s as worry free and stress less as possible. Whatever your horse property needs, or requirements are, we’ll always be able to help you source the home you want to live in at a price that suits you. Make your dream home move a reality with Kenna Real Estate today.

Thinking about buying a new home for yourself or your family is one thing, what if you have to consider family pets or animals too?

If you’re new to Colorado or know very little about the state’s rich and varied history, you might not be aware that there is a rich tradition of equine pursuits and lifestyles.

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