Enjoy your Denver Home

Enjoying the First Steps in Your New Denver Home

Moving to Colorado could just be one of the best decisions you ever made. There are so many things to love; from skiing in the Rocky Mountains, summer mountaineering to Denver city life and crisp outdoor air. It’s no secret that at Kenna Real Estate we’re passionate about life in Colorado and when people move here from out of state we feel like we need to share with them the magic of the area as much as we can. That being said whether someone is moving down the road or across the country to live in Denver or other parts of Colorado we want to ensure their move is as seamless as possible.

We can Help take the stress out of your Move

Moving home can be a daunting prospect which is why we’ve put together this guide to actually enjoying your new home from the start rather than getting bogged down in the stress that can be associated with moving home. Taking things piece by piece and aiming not to become too overwhelmed could be key to success. We’re also happy to help with some additional real estate services that we offer.

  1. Ditch anything you don’t need before the move – sounds obvious but a new home means a new start. Bringing clutter and accumulated ‘stuff’ with you to a new home is often a recipe for disaster. It ends up taking up space and potentially getting left for a long time. Take stock now of things that can be sold, binned or passed on so that you don’t have to waste energy packing it up and transporting to a new home.
  2. Plan ahead – whilst there are some things that need to wait until moving day there’s no reason why you can’t start planning before then. Start by getting boxes ready and filling with things you’re not likely to need until after the move. Mark up boxes with the contents so things are less likely to get lost.
  3. Hire movers – sounds obvious of course but building up a rapport with the movers in advance could be a godsend. It could mean that they’re entirely on board with what needs to be done and how you want to approach things, without you having to explain it all on the day or worse still whilst en route.
  4. Batch cooking or check out the local eateries – having a plan of where to eat could be wise in advance. Batch cooking could be useful for snacking but eating out might also be necessary whilst you get your bearings on the dining room and kitchen contents. Look for recommendations on where to go from neighbours or the previous owners or ask us at Kenna Real Estate to help. It’s part of our job to know the area so we’d be only too happy to help.
  5. Home staging – to save you the hassle of arranging your home you could consider hiring home staging services. At Kenna Real Estate we work with Beverley Binder who is there to give professional advice and practical tips when setting up a new home. Home decorating on this scale could mean getting your home to a show home standard in no time. Staging services of this kind are becoming increasingly popular as people struggle to find the time to get their new house to be just how they like it.
  6. Set boundaries – when moving home it is important to set boundaries on working hard to get your home in order and enjoying the new area. Finding a balance in this sense could be useful as it means getting to know your new area quicker and also means that you get downtime from moving in.
  7. Automate what you can – one of the aspects of moving is the admin of letting people know you have moved. Where possible go online in advance to notify companies, family and friends that you’re moving and when. Getting mail redirected can also help you address things you might have forgotten about or the odd thing that might otherwise go astray.

Setting up home is no easy task which is why as a realtor Kenna Real Estate is happy to support and help anyone new to Denver. Contact us today to find out how we could support your move.

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