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55 and Older Age Restricted Living in the Denver Metro Area

Home owners that are 55 years of age and older often decide to downsize their living situation into a more manageable home such as purchasing a smaller home or renting. With that being said many homeowners look at Denver age restricted communities as an option. A study by NAHB Housing Trends found that age restricted communities will account for nearly 45% of all U.S. households by the year 2020. Kenna Real Estate consists of  professional real estate agents that specialize in assisting our buyers and sellers with the downsizing process and moving to age restricted homes around the Denver Metro area

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Entering retirement age is an exciting time and for those that are 55 and older that are looking to live in an age restricted community; Denver Metro has many houses, townhomes and condos that target the 55 plus community. There are many attractive amenities that are included in this type of community such as:

  • Active Retirement Community
  • Desirable Living Environment
  • Aging Population
  • Maintenance Free 
  • Quiet Community

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Kenna Real Estate consists of a team of real estate professionals with an extensive amount of knowledge and experience in the Denver Metro age restricted housing market. We have a proven track record in delivering our buyers and sellers amazing service while addressing their real estate buying or selling needs.

Age Restricted Communities are allowed by the Fair Housing Act as long as at least 80% of the homes in the community have an occupant that is 55 years of age or older. One should be aware of the difference between an age restricted community vs an age targeted community. The HOA or Condo Association rules could be very different. It is also advised that folks that are looking to transition into an age restricted community seek out a good financial adviser.

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