Alert! NEW Home Inventory Available

Alert! NEW Home Inventory Available Only on

Because of the Housing Shortage and the Article in The Denver Post Friday 13, 2015  Besides having 2 MLS feeds updated every 15 Minutes and the most accurate up to date information on newly listed homes From Colorado Springs, Denver to Fort Collins WE added for You ALL of the new Construction Inventory in the area to Kenna Real Estate.

Now you have access to all the re-sale homes and now you have access to the new home builders inventory. When you see a new home you like, Contact us ASAP and we can give you a tour of the new Construction Homes in your Criteria.

You NEED a Realtor on Newly Built Homes. To avoid any disheartening experiences, a Realtor will direct you toward new property in your chosen area that fits your budget. When visiting the various model homes with you, he will assist in sorting out what is on offer, showing you how to distinguish between the basic house and the upgrades, and guide you towards the choice that fit your circumstances.

Option choices, which never come up with a resale property, are central to the purchase of a new property, where the basic house is usually what the name suggests: a property to which a range of added features could add up to 15-20% on the final price. When deciding on the price range you can afford, this has to be taken into account. For new home builders Colorado offers ample profitable opportunities for new developments. As a buyer, you need to be committed to your Realtor, who in return will put all his efforts into finding the right property for you in your preferred price range. Read More

This information is Exclusive to You and is accurate and up-to-date, You will NOT find these homes on any site including Zillow and Trulia only on the most accurate site Kenna Real Estate

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