Beyond the Parking Spot: 5 Garage Ideas for the Modern Homeowner

Picture a garage. An image of an old, messy, dark, and cold room full of storage boxes and stuff you last touched in months comes to mind. The place will be even more cluttered if you have a multiple-car garage with more space than you need.

But there's a solution. Beyond using the garage as a parking spot for your vehicle, you can repurpose the space into a multi-functional haven. Here are five such creative garage makeover ideas for modern homeowners:

Garage Makeover Ideas

Over 90% of homeowners seek ways to improve and utilize their garage space. For creative minds, there is lots of hidden potential for repurposing the space–and we'll get to that in a bit.

But before you start transforming your extra garage space, get a feel for the layout of your half-garage. Measure the space in your garage shed to decide how much area you have.

You also want to be mindful of the doors and window placement. While prefab garage sheds come in various sizes and styles, and you can easily customize windows and ventilation areas, this option is unavailable in in-built garages.

However, an average garage is 22 feet long X 22 feet wide (a two-car garage). This would leave you 22x11 feet of recreational space. Here are five options you can use in this extra room beyond the parking spot:

Storage Space

The most common way to use your additional garage area is to store items. While here, avoiding the clutter can be difficult if you store everything from garden supplies to holiday decorations, but try to get as many items off the ground as possible.

Use vertical storage spaces for organization, especially if your garage ceilings are high. Utilize the wall space to provide more space. This will reduce the visual noise garages often yield.

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Add hooks, pegboards, shelves, or even full-wall organization systems. With overhead corner racks, turn the cleaning into a bonus storage space. Install line bins against the wall and top them off with a high shelf.

Home Office

For around 22 million Americans working from home, separating work and home life can be difficult. What if you could create your separate workstation in a spare garage space?

Now that the garage is de-cluttered and more organized, transform it into a home office. However, since most parking areas have limited insulation and air control, you must install them to keep the room temperature neutral year-round. 

If you have the budget, consider investing in decorative wooden ceiling beams and light fixtures to create a productive atmosphere for working.

Game Room

A game room is an easy and fun way to transform your garage into a gathering area where family and friends can decide who the ultimate champion is.

You can add ping-pong, table football, and a pool table. Or, if you are a fan of video games, you could go the route of console gaming and a widescreen. And a mini-fridge full of cold drinks and a snack basket to keep the entertainment going.

Convert it into a teen zone for your teenagers to hang out. This will keep them from the street and prevent them from creating havoc in the house.

Ready to find your dream home in Colorado?
Let us help you. Call or Text Kenna Real Estate at 303-955-4220 to get personalized assistance from our expert real estate agents. Find out what your home is worth in today's market.

Creative Studio

It's been a while since you picked up some new hobbies. Your garage can be a great place to rekindle creativity and enjoy new activities. Use the extra space, whether a musical practice room or an art studio.

For the art studio, opt for:

  • Clean flooring that's easier to clean
  • A craft station or workbench
  • Organize the space where your painting can hang and dry
  • Add a mostly glass garage door or windows to let in a lot of natural light

For a practice room, make space for musical instruments you'll play in the empty garage area (since storing a drum set is very different from storing a guitar). Also, soundproof the space by adding a rubber mat to the floor and walls and investing in an insulated garage door. 

Home Gym

Home gyms are trending; a garage gym can be a great second option if you don't have enough indoor space.

While you can leave the equipment as it is, comfortable flooring is better for working out than bare concrete–especially when doing situps, pushups, or other bodyweight exercises. So consider installing high-quality foam and rubber matting in the gym area.

Additionally, you want proper ventilation and preferably mirrors to give the space a gym-like feel and make it look bigger. Now, add your gym setup. It can include:

  • Power rack
  • Adjustable benches
  • Bars and plates
  • Free weights and storage
  • Cardio machine

In Conclusion

With the above five unique ideas, you are ready to give your garage a new look and additional purpose. However, renovating your parking spot can be costly. Therefore, you'll have to bring your vision to reality beforehand to get an idea of the total cost, time, and work.

Also, let us know how you are transforming your garage beyond the parking spot in the comment.

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