Can SEO Help Companies Find The Home Sellers In Their Area?

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When it comes to being successful online with your website, one of the most important aspects will be SEO (search engine optimization). This is what is going to help get your website ranking for all of your main search terms and keywords. Without it, your website will simply be floating about in the online abyss, and if you are lucky, you might attract a couple of visitors each week.

There are many different types of SEO such as local, international and affiliate SEO. Each type has various aspects to it, with a different emphasis on the business that it is being applied to.

SEO and the Real Estate Market

The real estate market is an extremely competitive one, which is worth millions upon millions of dollars each year. If you are operating a real estate agency in a specific location, you’ll want to make sure that your agency is one of the first to appear in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

Many real estate agents will be running online advertising campaigns as part of their overall marketing strategy, and with a good campaign on Google for example, your agency could be appearing right at the top of the results pages, before the organic listings appear.

The organic listings are the ones that are being ranked on merit by Google, and are not being paid for as advertising. It is at the top of these listings that you want to be appearing in the long term, but for quick short term gains, advertising on Google is a great option.

The cost of advertising can soon build up, and within a couple of months, you could easily have been paying several thousand dollars to Google. Not many companies are going to be able to absorb such costs over a long period of time, especially during slumps and recessions, such as the current situation with Covid-19, where the worldwide pandemic has affected almost every industry, including the worldwide real estate market.

Finding sellers with SEO

In a market that is dominated by real estate agencies selling and promoting properties, there is also a side of it that has the agencies actively looking for people who are selling their homes and other property.

Finding these sellers is sometimes a difficult task, but through an effective SEO campaign, a real estate agency can attract sellers to get in contact with them, and to sign them up to be the representative for their property.

There are lots of reasons why an agency will want to find private sellers, and SEO is a great way of achieving it. For effective SEO it’s important that you work with professionals, such as Oyoy Inc - Real Estate SEO Company, who have a great deal of experience in the market.

For such an SEO campaign, you’d need to step into the eyes of someone who is selling their home. What type of search phrases would they be entering into Google in a bid to find a way to sell their property ?

Various search terms such as “how can I sell my home”, “home buying agencies” and “looking for home buyers” are some terms that may bring about a good base of search engine results from which to start. Of course, it is vital that the individual also includes their location when doing such searches, as a generic search for “looking for home buyers” will bring about a much more general range of results than a search like “looking for home buyers in San Francisco”. 

The location is a vital part of the search term, and for SEO, plays a very important role in helping to narrow down the range of results and to show results that are located in or around that specific location, rather than anywhere in the world.

Targeting people that are searching for home buyers

Once you’ve been able to work out a list of search phrases that a potential home seller may be searching for, the estate agency will then need to create a page of content on their website that deals with the search request. The page should be one that explains that they are on the lookout for homes in a certain area, and that they are currently looking to work with new individuals who are looking to sell their property.

The page should have some eye-catching headlines, and a good way of breaking down the content would be to use a series of bullet points. These are much more effective than having paragraphs of text, which are often off-putting for a lot of people, who won’t have the time or concentration to read through it all.

The page should also have some clear call to action buttons (CTA), such as a button to call the estate agency, or a form in which they are asked to fill in their details, and the agency will get back in contact with them.

Depending on the amount of competition, it should be relatively easy to create and rank such pages that are based on the user intent of a person selling their homes, though of course for some locations, such as New York, then there might actually be a lot of competition so some more aggressive SEO campaigns may be required.

Some final words

Search engine optimization is a very important aspect for any business that has a website. One easy analogy is that SEO is the gas, and your website is the car. Without SEO, your car isn’t going anywhere. It might be the best looking car in the neighbourhood, but unless it can move around, not many people are going to see it.

The same applies with your website. You could have the best looking and most functional website in your industry, but without proper SEO, the website will not be seen by many people.

SEO campaigns are not going to be cheap, and they are usually an ongoing process, but if you are serious about your business and want to be successful online, then it’s something that you must start doing. Without it, your website isn’t going to be anywhere near as effective as it could be.

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