Choosing Your Perfect Lakefront Home: Colorado vs. The Rest

Discovering the peaceful charm of waterfront living reveals a variety of stunning scenery and lifestyle options in the United States.

Colorado's lakeside residences are distinctive among the most beautiful places, providing a rare combination of Rocky Mountain views and peaceful coastal surroundings.

In this comparison trip, we explore the details of living near a lake in Colorado compared to other sought-after locations across the country. We'll reveal the unique attractions and features that make each area appealing.

The Enchantment of Colorado Lakefront Living

Breathtaking Scenery

Tucked away in the stunning Rocky Mountains, the alpine lakes in Colorado offer incredibly breathtaking views for your lakeside living fantasies.

Consider Lake Dillon, for example. It feels like you are looking at a picture-perfect postcard, with the majestic mountains beautifully framing the scene.

Furthermore, it is very near the fantastic Breckenridge Ski Resort, which ensures you will have a variety of activities to enjoy in both summer and winter.

Next is Grand Lake, called the "Jewel of the Rockies"; believe me, it doesn't disappoint. The sparkling blue waters, amidst wild nature, form a truly unforgettable landscape masterpiece.

So, if you yearn for breathtaking natural beauty, Colorado's alpine lakes are the place to be.

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Active Outdoor Lifestyle

Having a property by a lake in Colorado means you are in the perfect location for outdoor adventures.

From the front of your house, you can begin exciting escapades. You can enjoy calm water like boating, kayaking, paddleboarding, and sailing. People who fish will find a peaceful place with fish like trout, bass, and kokanee salmon.

For individuals who favor being on solid ground, extensive hiking and biking paths go through breathtaking mountain views. You'll be biking alongside the lake or taking on an arduous trek that offers stunning panoramic landscapes.

Specific Colorado lake communities turn into ski destinations during the winter, providing top-notch downhill and cross-country skiing options.

Diverse Community Options

The diversity of lakefront living in Colorado is what makes it beautiful. You can choose between a busy resort town or a quiet cabin.

Places like Breckenridge, Vail, and Keystone have many shops, restaurants, and fun activities. These locations are ideal for people who appreciate the excitement and ease of having everything readily available.

But if you're looking for peace, Colorado has plenty of serene lake towns like Grand Lake and Woodland Park. Lovely cabins surrounded by pine trees offer an opportunity to connect and commune fully with the natural world.

Just be aware that these locations may involve longer commutes for amenities.

Considering the Downsides

Living by a lake in Colorado sounds dreamy. But you have to keep in mind some things.

Those breathtaking views and top-notch spots come at a price. The property cost is about 20% higher than the national average.

The winters here can be quite intense, with loads of snow and cold temperatures. This is great if you're into winter sports, but it might not suit everyone.

Beyond Colorado: Exploring Alternative Waterfront Areas

While Colorado offers undeniable beauty, many other captivating lakefront destinations across the US cater to unique preferences. Let's explore such regions:

1. Lauderdale Lakes, Wisconsin

Chain O' Lakes Charm

Lauderdale Lakes is a charming chain of interconnected waterways, including Green Lake, Middle Lake, and Mill Lake, totaling more than 834 acres. Here, you can navigate through peaceful waters in your boat, uncovering secluded bays and varied coastlines.

Family-Friendly Activities

Family-friendly options in Lauderdale Lakes cater to those who enjoy water activities. Boating, fishing, kayaking, and paddleboarding are commonly enjoyed activities.

The region also offers family-friendly events such as water parks, mini golf courses, and go-kart tracks, making it an ideal location for enduring memories.

Affordable Options

There are more economical choices available in this place. The housing market in Lauderdale Lakes is much more stable and affordable compared to the lakefront properties in Colorado. This could be a major benefit for individuals looking to live by a lake without spending too much money.

Winter Wonderland

Despite the dominance of summer, Lauderdale Lakes becomes a winter wonderland with the arrival of snow. Ice fishing and snowmobiling are some activities to enjoy the winter season.

2. Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Beautiful Mountain Views

Lake Tahoe sits among tall Sierra Nevada mountains. The lake's clear water reflects snowy mountain peaks, making stunning scenery.

Casinos Nearby

You can check out Caesars Tahoe and Harrah's Lake Tahoe. They're both world-famous casinos right by the lake.

Luxurious Living

Lake Tahoe has deluxe houses with great views and fancy features that are easy to find. Celebrities and people who want a lavish lakeside getaway often come here.

Fun All Year

Lake Tahoe is fun, no matter the season.

During summer, you've got boat trips, water sports, and excellent trails for hiking. And when winter hits, you've got excellent ski spots like Heavenly Mountain Resort and Northstar California, where you can tear up those slopes on skis or a board.

3. Finger Lakes, New York

Wine Country Paradise

Explore hills with vineyards and wineries. Own a lake house here to enjoy wine tastings and stunning views.

Historical Significance

If you are a history buff, you'll dig the Finger Lakes. Wander through old towns boasting museums and return to Civil War battlefields. Swing by Harriet Tubman's crib and dive deep into tales of the Erie Canal.

Culinary Delights

Enjoy fresh local food at farm-to-table restaurants. Also, with a lakefront property, you can taste the region's flavors at home.

Peaceful Escape

Need a breather from the chaos? The Finger Lakes got your back.

Unlike those bustling hubs, this place is all about serenity, perfect for unwinding and returning to nature's groove.

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Choosing the Ideal Lakefront Home

To find your perfect lakefront property, consider your lifestyle needs beyond just how pretty it looks.

Colorado and Lake Tahoe are excellent for outdoor fun. In Colorado, you can hike, bike, and climb mountains, whereas Lake Tahoe is ideal for skiing and discovering nature.

But, for families, places like Lauderdale Lakes or the Finger Lakes are excellent. Lauderdale Lakes has lots of family activities and water sports, while the Finger Lakes offer a quieter vibe for making memories together.

Lake Tahoe and certain parts of Colorado are top picks if you dream of luxury. Lake Tahoe has fancy homes and excellent facilities, and some areas in Colorado offer exclusive communities with fantastic mountain views.

On the other hand, remember that Colorado can be pricey when it comes to affordability.

Places like Lauderdale Lakes and the Finger Lakes might have more affordable options for those on a budget.


While lakefront homes in Colorado offer unique mountain vistas and recreational opportunities, their counterparts across the US present diverse landscapes and amenities suited to different preferences.

Whether hidden in the Rockies or scattered around the shores of the Great Lakes, each lakefront property offers its blend of natural beauty and lifestyle benefits, inviting residents to immerse themselves in the tranquility of waterfront living nationwide.

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