Cleaning your gutters the right way


Roof gutters are a small part of construction but are nonetheless an important and an essential part of a house. Most home owners often neglect the value that a roof gutter adds to a house. The roof gutters however funnel water away from the roof and away from the house which protects the sides of the house, the windows, the doors and most significantly the foundation of the house. In addition, there are risks and damages that come as a result of clogged, leaking or broken roof gutters. For instance, when the gutters aren’t performing at their optimal level rain water might run off to the sides of the house and create poodles of water near the foundation. Heavy rains may create a whole of problems. Cleaning the gutters the right way can prevent injuries, property damages and costly bills that could arise as a result of property damage. This article focuses on simple techniques a home owner can employ to preserve and clean the roof gutters.

Inform someone about your Cleaning Schedule

It would be important to inform people in the house about the time and date you will start cleaning the roof gutters. This is important so as to avoid any collisions and injuries that may arise from the whole process. When scheduling for roof cleaning, you should consider the weather to make sure it is perfect and the skies are calm so that the process is fast without any inconveniences.

Selecting the necessary apparel and equipment to use

The best part about cleaning gutters is that you don’t have to be a professional since it’s not as hard as rocket science although you might need to be quite a handy person. You will also need to uphold high levels of safety as it can be dangerous if care is not observed. Below are equipment and steps you can use while cleaning your gutter.

  1. Pair of gloves and proper eye wear

For a clean gutter, you would first and foremost need a good pair of gloves and clothes to go with them. The essence of using gloves is to protect your hands from any debris that may cut or inflict pain on your hand when handling it. Heavy work gloves are highly recommended as they protect the hands from occasional sharp metal objects and nails that may be present on the roof gutter. Clothes and to be specific overalls worn are also handy because they also protect the body and other clothes that you might have worn from damages and tear that debris might cause.

  1. A good quality ladder

The second important equipment that you will definitely need is a good ladder that is in working condition. This old fashioned equipment enables you to reach to the top of the roof with ease. Although you might want to ensure that the ladder is in pristine condition and it is safe to use. It is imperative that you prevent anything that could lead to injuries and other problems that are uncalled for. It would also be advantageous if the ladder would be an extendable one with standoff stabilizers also called ladder horns.

  1. Equipment for removing the debris in the gutter

Thirdly, you will need a leaf blower to blow out the leaf and debris that is present on the roof. This equipment used by handy men and garden keepers can prove to be effective and efficient as it quickly gets the job done. You will however need good goggles and a dust mask to prevent dust from going to your nose and lungs through your nose. However this equipment works quite well with low sloped roofs. You might also use a hose to blast out debris using pressure. A hose with an on and off switch works well as it uses water and high pressure to remove the debris present on the roof through the gutter outlets. Although be warned, the high levels of water pressure can at times be quite messy as mud might end up being splattered all over the house. If the above cleaning methods are too much for you then you will definitely not mind the plastic scoop. Cheaper than the two cleaning equipment, a plastic scoop. This is quite the subtle yet effective way of getting the job done. Using the scoop, you are able to gently remove all the dirt and debris while disposing it in a plastic paper bag.

  1. Cleaning the drainage pipes and downspouts

Finally the last step of cleaning the gutter is unclogging the drainage and downspouts that run off the water from the gutter on the roof. The obstructions and debris hinder the pipes from allowing water to run freely. For this you will need a hose with pressure which will flush the pipes and restore parity to the system.

Cleaning the gutter is a relatively easy process but if you can’t do this on your own for a valid reason, there are always someone’s services that you can hire. This will come with a cost as well. However, the cost of cleaning the gutter yourself compared to hiring a person is cheaper. But much emphasis is put on maintaining the gutter and the downspouts. The gutter should be regularly cleaned at least twice a year preferably in early spring and late fall. If the gutters are falling apart and are pulling away from the house it is crucial that you talk to a professional concerning the issue.


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