Common Reasons Your AC Is Blowing Warm Air

Common Reasons Your AC Is Blowing Warm Air

There’s nothing more annoying than your AC blowing warm air on a hot, humid day. This makes staying indoors incredibly uncomfortable, requiring immediate troubleshooting and fixing. Like any other appliance, your AC can malfunction at the least expected time. However, your AC blowing warm air can be a major cause for alarm, since many things could be causing this problem.

Some of the causes are easy to identify and fix on your own, while more complex ones require air conditioner service to get your unit blowing cold air again. It’s crucial that you determine the cause of the problem, so you can know when to seek help from a qualified AC professional. Here are some common reasons your AC might not be blowing cold air:

1.    Low Refrigerant

One of the main things that could be causing your AC to blow warm air is low refrigerant. Your AC refrigerant keeps your unit operating at its best performance since it helps absorb humidity and heat from the air. Your AC may not cool efficiently when there’s not enough refrigerant inside the unit. Oftentimes, your AC refrigerant could become low when there’s a leak.

If your AC blows warm air because of low refrigerant, you need to find the leaking spots and repair them immediately. Common signs of a leaking refrigerant include ice buildup on the exterior unit and hissing and bubbling noises. Not repairing the holes can cause bigger problems like damage to the compressor motor, requiring costly repairs.

2.    Thermostat Problems

Another common reason your AC is blowing warm air could be due to thermostat problems. Your AC unit could experience this problem, especially if it uses the older control systems. Use the unit’s manual to check if the thermostat is set correctly. Try changing the thermostat settings from ‘on mode’ to ‘auto mode’. In addition, check if the thermostat is set to heat mode. If the issue persists, consider calibrating or replacing the old dial-type system with a newer, programmable thermostat. This will help keep your unit operating efficiently, keeping your indoor temperature consistently cool while also saving on energy.

3.    Dirty Air Filters

Your AC could also be blowing warm air due to dirty air filters. When your air filters become clogged, it hinders airflow through the ducts. This causes the evaporator coils to freeze, making your air conditioner emit warm air. Dirty air filters can also cause the thermostat to malfunction, preventing your AC from cooling effectively. Replacing your AC filters regularly with clean, more efficient filters can help remedy the problem instantly. You should also consider cleaning your air filters at least every three months or as soon as they become dirty.


The above-mentioned are some of the common reasons your AC could be emitting warm air. If your air conditioner starts to blow warm air, check if one of these things could be causing the problem. This will help you fix your AC and get it running again within no time. If none of these things is causing the issue, contact an AC specialist to identify other possible causes and repair your AC unit as soon as possible.


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