COVID19 - How are you maitaining health, safety and mental wellness?


Wow, what a turn we have all faced this 2020. With the global epidemic of COVID19, the fear and challenges many are enduring and the hundreds of questions that remain about the future, it's no wonder so many people are anxious and feel uneasy. 

If you are a parent, you have your own set of challenges of caring for and now becoming your child's educator. I was awarded guardianship of my now 6 year old niece several years back and know all too well the challenges of our 'modified' schedule. I have found that STRUCTURE and a timed schedule has allow everyone in the home, peace of mind. We limit our time for shopping to ONLY IF NEEDED and take all precautions to keeping safe. Luckily I have a crafty mother that hand sew the family personal masks (not to mention the cute artsy designs), and we are mindful about washing our hands and keeping our home clean and sanitized. 

We have also developed a newfound love for tons of fresh foods and vitamins. It is important to keep your family healthy and safe during this time and check on your loved ones. Everyone needs a little extra love and kindness right now. We hope you and your family are keeping safe, healthy and at peace during this time!

If your family is struggling to provide basic needs for your family during this time, please reach out as I have a ton of resources  that provide to families all over Colorado.

I would love to be a resource for your family. 

From my family, to yours.... Wishing you nothing but the best of HEALTH, WELLNESS AND LOVE. 

Michell Fernandez & Family  






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