Crucial Factors that Effect the Value of Your House

 A beautiful home with a lush front yard up for sale.

There are many factors that tie into how much your home is worth. The real estate market is constantly shifting, and your home’s value can go up or down. This is important to understand when you plan to sell your house so that you know what kind of price to expect. You should also consider which home improvements will increase the long-term value of your property. To better understand how much your property is worth, let’s look at some crucial factors that affect the value of your house.

According to most realtors, your home’s location is probably the essential factor influencing its value. There are many aspects of the location that make it more or less desirable. This makes it hard to quantify how location exactly affects the final price of the home. Buyers and realtors look to the prices of other homes that were recently sold in the same area. Those who want to do a quick fix and flip, cheaper neighborhoods can represent exciting prospects.
What makes a location attractive and thus worth more? It often comes down to community features and proximity to public transportation, major city centers, recreational areas, and large marketplaces. Another essential element of a desirable location is how nice the neighborhood is. Basically, other homes near your property can turn out to be crucial factors that affect the value of your house just by being nearby. If the neighborhood is full of luxurious and well-maintained homes, that will lead to a higher value of your property.

Large homes are obviously worth more, but they might have trouble selling due to their size.


Thankfully, the size of your home is something that can be measured and exactly specified. When trying to determine a property’s value, you can look at the livable area expressed in square feet. Of course, the size of the outdoor area also has an impact on the value of the home. It’s easy to understand that larger homes are worth more, but they sometimes have trouble selling due to their size. Buyers often calculate the price per square foot, which can be lower for larger homes. When buying a home, people want to know how much house they are getting for their dollar. 

Renovations, improvements, and upgrades

Almost all of the work you have done on your home will benefit its overall value. However, not all improvements have the same return on investment when selling the house. If you plan to renovate and upgrade to your home, make sure you are adding long-term value. We recommend updating the kitchen and the bathroom for those who are renovating to get a better price. Most of the investments in those areas of the house have a good return. A beautiful and functional kitchen or bathroom will also easily be noticed by potential buyers. You need to remember that you should have the proper paperwork for any improvements you’ve made to your home. Make sure everything is up to code and check if you have all the permits.

A modern bathroom is an improvement that can increase the value of your house.

Sale prices

Has your property been sold before, and if it has, how much did it go for? Historical prices can hugely impact what your house is currently worth. Previous sales are especially important if the property has been sold in the past several years.
It would help if you also looked at other homes in the neighborhood. Compare the state of your home to others that have been sold. But remember to adjust the value according to size and other features.

Condition and age
What condition is your home currently in? Does it have any red flags that need to be addressed? Any glaring issues need to be fixed before selling because they represent crucial factors that affect the value of your house for the worse. What’s even more troubling is that it can be almost impossible to sell if the property is in terrible shape.
Even if your home is in good condition, its age will speak volumes about the type of construction used. For example, homes built before the ’70s had asbestos as a standard feature in their roofs. In that case, you might want to consider installing a new roof to improve the value of your home.

Landscaping and curb appeal

People will make judgments on the state of your home before they even set foot in it. A well-maintained and decorated lawn can help visitors form great first impressions. Another thing to note is that your home’s curb appeal probably has the most impact on how your house will look in photos. Clean and tidy yards can increase the value of your property, so it might be time to do some gardening. 

A well-maintained yard has a huge impact on how your home looks.

Setting the price for your home

We’ve looked at six crucial factors that affect the value of your house, but how do you put an accurate price tag on your property? It’s a bit harder than you might think, and to get a good property evaluation, you’ll need the help of an experienced realtor. Agents that have sold houses similar to yours will know the prices of properties in your area. They will also be up to date with the current trends and can provide you with tips on improving the value of your property.

Selling your home and moving out

Once you estimate how much your home is worth and are ready to sell, you need to understand that home prices are not fixed. The buyers will have a home inspection that can reveal problems you weren’t aware of. You will have to go through a negotiation process, but have patience, and you will surely reach a compromise and sell the property.

When you finally sell the home, you will have to move out. It’s probably best to let experts do the transport, especially if you are moving long distance. Even if you are moving locally, you don’t want to be the one doing the heavy lifting. You deserve to relax after all the work you’ve put into selling the home.

The bottom line

Knowing what your home is worth is essential if you are planning on selling in the near future. It would be best if you focused on improving the crucial factors that affect the value of your house. Of course, some of them are out of your control, but you can still do a lot to get the best price for your home.

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