Denver Millennials Blossoming In Denver

Millennials have become an important topic of discussion everywhere. While some may argue that their generation is blossoming later than our predecessors, optimists such as myself believe that our rebounding economy will help Millennials finally land in the economic arena that will allow them the growth potential generations before were afforded. Call Craig Adelman today at 303.809.8979.

While I honestly believe Millennials are on their way to become an important force in the new economy, the widening economic policy that minimizes retirement accounts and creates underemployment of Millennials threatens what is now America’s largest demographic.

Austin Thompson points out in one of his recent posts that Millennials are now in peak childbearing age. From both a Real Estate and parental standpoint, what goes hand in hand with raising a family is the desire to own a home.Families want to put down roots. They want to know they have a certain level of security while growing some form of equity for retirement.

While slashing pensions and lower wages certainly puts a strain on Millennial workers, the ability to purchase Real Estate can still be a saving grace in the Millennial financial planning process.

As agents and brokers, we are meant to advise our clients. Call Craig Adelman today at 303.809.8979. We can’t change the fact that outside economic factors can have a negative impact on the lives of our clients, yet we can try and help Millennials understand that they can take their future, and subsequently their retirement, into their own hands.

Chances are your average Millennial client, like their parents, will not be starting out with a beach front multi-million dollar estate. Our job is to help explain the advantage that starting in smaller affordable homes now will have down the road; how it will help them grow and how it will help them take control of their livelihood.

Do more than sell this generation a house…help them build a future. Call Craig Adelman today at 303.809.8979.

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