ELECTRICAL TIPS - My Power is out? Now What?

ELECTRICAL TIPS - My Power is out? Now What?

Posted by Brian Burke on Saturday, May 31st, 2014 at 4:59pm.

What to do in a Power Outage at Your Denver Home

Power outage

What to do if you experience power outage in your Denver home

It can happen right? Suddenly you lose all power in your home. Strong storms, grid failure, and frayed wires can all result in power outages. What you should do depends on the cause of the outage, the type of outage, and the season. The following guidelines cover all common situations, so that you can have your power back as quickly and easily as possible.

  1. If you’ve lost power, the usual culprit is the weather. First, however, check to make sure you haven’t blown a circuit breaker or fuse. If not, inform your utility provider of the outage—chances are, yours isn’t the first call and the utility company is already working to fix the outage. Most outages are fixed in a matter of hours, but depending on the size of the affected area, power can be out for days.
  2. After you’ve called to report the outage, take a walk around your property to make sure no power lines have fallen. In the event that there are fallen lines, please call 9-1-1 to report them.
  3. Unless you have surge protectors installed, unplug all unnecessary major electronic devices (TV, computer, stereo) to prevent a power surge from occurring when the power returns.
  4. If you have a generator that isn’t connected to your main power grid, switch off the main breaker in your circuit panel, then turn the generator on.
  5. Leave one light switch turned on to notify you when the power comes back.

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