Find a Good Home Inspector Before Buying that Denver Home

Before you purchase your dream home in Denver, you want to have a trusted home inspector do a thorough inspection to ensure that there are no surprise problems. A house is a major purchase that you will most likely live in for decades. You do not want to find out it has a rotting foundation, a bad chimney, or even termites. Not all inspectors are alike, so you want to ensure to find a great one through following these tips.

Look at their Associations

There are numerous inspectors in today's market. Just because they have a license or certification does not mean they are the best. Having a license just means they have passed the minimal amount of training and testing. Instead, look for those associated with one of the numerous professional inspection organizations. Groups such as the National Institute of Building Inspectors and the American Society of Home Inspectors have some criteria for membership, so it is at least a good place to start. Many of these organizations even have a website where you can search for someone.

Ask your Real Estate Agent

Your real estate agent is a real estate professional and probably knows a very good home inspector. Ask them for one or more recommendations and do some further research. Additionally, ask your agent questions about the inspector, including whether he or she would hire them himself.

Interview the Inspector before Hiring

Once you have chosen somebody, take the time to ensure he or she is the right choice through interviewing, reviewing the resume, and doing some background research. You can call the licensing board and see if there are any complaints against them. When you conduct your interview, do not worry about offending. Ask him or her as many questions as you want. Ask him or her about the process, what they check, and anything else you feel is relevant. If there is hesitation or an answer you do not like, then he or she may not be the best person. Also check for insurance or any kind of guarantee. Ensure that the inspector will not just have a checklist but also provides a narrative in writing.

Go Along with the Inspector

It is to your benefit to go on the inspection and see it done yourself. When you are vetting people, ask if they mind if you come along. If they do not allow it, then automatically dismiss them. A home inspection can take a few hours, so be prepared. If the inspector tells you it will take less than an hour, then you most likely do not want to hire them unless they use a team.

Once you have done some research and talked with different people, then it is time to choose the best. By attending the inspection, you will also have a better understanding of the findings and whether or not your home is still the dream house you thought.

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