Five Reasons to Love Denver, Colorado

As any resident of Denver, Colorado will tell you, this is a fantastic city in which to live, work, and play. However, you'll be hard-pressed to find any two people who can give you the same list of reasons they enjoy the area, as there are so many things to love! We've compiled a list of just five of the many things that attract homebuyers to Denver. Come visit and make a list of your own!

  1. Mountains & nature. Of course, the magnificent geography of Denver and the surrounding area should probably be at the top of any list of the city's many positive attributes. Nestled into the Rockies, Denver is home to many avid outdoorsy types. Skiiers and snowboarders love being able to hit the world-class slopes during the winter. Hikers, campers, fishing enthusiasts, and just about everyone else seems to love spending spring, summer, and fall weekends enjoying all the beauty of Denver's majestic natural surroundings. What's more, the city of Denver itself has over 200 parks for residents and visitors to enjoy.
  2. Beer. Even if you're not a fan of the stuff, you have to be impressed that Denver churns out more local brewskies than any other American city. Over 80 local beers are brewed in the Mile High City on a daily basis. Denver is even home to the largest brewpub in the United States. With a ton of microbreweries and pubs catering to the beer-tasting crowd, cicerones feel right at home.
  3. Weather. One of the sunniest cities in the United States, Denver gets around 360 days of sunshine per year. That's enough sun to make even the chilliest winter days more than just bearable! Some say the many days of sunshine even contribute to the elevated mood and activity levels common in Denverites of all ages.
  4. Business. As a center of enterprise, Denver is among the top U.S. cities. Some of the largest companies in the country have their headquarters in Denver. Celestial Seasonings, Coors, Red Robin Burgers, and many more all call Denver home. Other aerospace and tech companies are stationed in Denver, too, making it a hub of activity.
  5. Friendly people. Denver, despite being one of the larger centers in the western United States, is said to be more laidback than its larger eastern counterparts. Residents of Denver are never too busy to give directions if you get lost. You'll find many respectful and kind people living here, and that kind of friendliness can go a long way when you're a newcomer.

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