Five Reasons To Make The Move To Denver, CO

Five Reasons To Make The Move To Denver, CO

The housing market is thriving in Denver whether you want a new construction or a home with plenty of charm. Having multiple options is a bonus for home buyers, but it’s not the only reason to choose the Mile High City. 

Denver has something for everyone throughout the year. You get all four seasons, and it includes plenty of wintertime snow. Here are five reasons to move to Denver. 

Great For Commuters

Like any major city, traffic can be a problem. Denver’s population is growing, and it means more drivers are hitting the roads. 

Thankfully, the city is keeping up with the growing number of drivers. The freeway system boasts several lanes, and public transportation is an affordable option. Public buses and trams cover downtown along with the metro area. 

Denver is also a great place for commuters that prefer riding their bikes. You’ll find dedicated bike lanes throughout the city. 

Safe Neighborhoods

Denver does have crime, but it also boasts several safe, family-friendly neighborhoods. Washington Heights and Park Hills are two Denver suburbs with low-crime rates. Cherry Creek is another family-friendly area with multiple homes for sale. 

Wide sidewalks are ideal for pushing strollers on family walks. These neighborhoods also boast parks and other types of green spaces. 

Plenty of Job Opportunities

The job market is booming in Denver across multiple industries. Companies like Google and others are creating jobs in the tech industries, and the aerospace sector is also growing at a rapid pace. Raytheon and Boeing are a few of the companies expanding their employment opportunities. 

The hospitality and food sectors are multi-billion dollar industries in Denver. Craft wine and beer are seeing a steady growth in annual sales. 

Starting wages in Denver are also above average. Employers want to attract and keep talent. 

Year-Round Activities

There is always something fun to do in Denver. You have indoor and outdoor activities to choose from. Some are seasonal, and others run throughout the year. 

Skiing and snowboarding are popular in the winter. Denver gets plenty of snowfall, especially in the mountains. Holiday festivals and parades are fun events for families, and you may not have to drive downtown. Several communities host family-friendly holiday events. 

You can also spend an afternoon wandering through one of the city’s museums. The Denver Art Museum houses both contemporary and modern pieces. The Denver Performing Arts Complex features ballet, opera, and Broadway shows. Kids and adults love spending time in the Denver Nature and Science Museum. 

Don’t forget about the Red Rocks Amphitheater. It’s a stunning backdrop for shows. 

Great Schools

Denver has a great school system for students of all ages. Adams County School District, along with Sheridan and Westminster Public Schools are some of the top-ranked educational systems in the city. You can also check out Stargate Charter School, along with private campuses. 

College students can take advantage of the University of Colorado Boulder or Regis University. The city also boasts several community college campuses, along with trade and other specialized schools. 

Final Thoughts

Denver is a great city to call home. There’s always something going on. You can find indoor and outdoor activities geared for families and adults. 

The job market is growing, and the city’s economy is strong. The real estate market is also booming, meaning you can find a home in a neighborhood you love. 

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