Foundation Problems and Fixes and Structural Foundation Information for the Denver Area

Different Types of Foundation Fixes for Denver Metro

Homeowners in Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Superior and other Colorado cities can face some difficult challenges when it comes to foundation problems. Because of climate and soil conditions in the area, Denver area foundations can be put under an enormous amount of stress. Much of the soil is “swelling soil,” which expands and contracts with the seasons. At the beginning of spring, the soil absorbs moisture, putting extreme pressure on your home’s foundation. When the soil dries out in the summer, it contracts, further distressing the foundation.

These extreme variations in soil moisture and pressure can cause foundation problems like settling, cracked walls, jammed doors and windows, and cracked tile and flooring. 

Carbon Fiber Strapping
If swelling soil is causing problems for your Highlands Ranch foundation, one of the most effective ways to repair it is with carbon fiber strapping. Carbon fiber straps–a grid of carbon fiber and Kevlar–close cracks in foundation and provide support to prevent future problems. They are aesthetically unobtrusive as they are flat and can be painted over.

Helical Piers
Helical piers are another effective method for Highlands Ranch foundation repair. These support structures are driven deep into the bedrock, providing your foundation with constant support despite changing soil pressure. Helical piers are well suited for the expansive soil in Colorado because they resist downward forces.

Some Colorado foundation problems can be fixed using micropiles, normally used as an alternative to traditional deep foundation elements. Micropiles can greatly improve the stability of your foundation and the structural soundness of your home, and they cause minimal disturbance to structures, soil and the environment.

If you are experiencing problems with your foundation, we know foundation repair experts can determine the repair method that will best meet your needs.

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