Garden Design And Tips For A Property You Plan To Sell

Garden Design and Tips for a Property you plan to sell.

Curb appeal is a key value for 98% of buyers choosing a home, as stated in the National Association of Realtors Remodeling Impact Report. Part of a home’s curb appeal includes the front yard and other green areas that may be immediately visible when purchasers enter your home. According to the report, simply upgrading a landscape with seed lawn has a cost recovery of around 417%, followed by a standard lawn care program (303%) and a sod upgrade (143%). A larger upgrade (including a new patio, deck and the like) has a cost recovery of around 100%. Because first impressions are so important, ensure your garden is up to scratch by incorporating a few basic landscaping tips.

Keeping It Clean And Tidy

Clutter, dirt and untidiness have a negative effect on human beings’ psychological wellbeing. As found in research by organizational expert, Libby Sander, “Physical environments significantly influence our cognition, emotions and subsequent behaviors.” They also affect the appeal of both the interior of a home and its garden. Ensure your garden is well tended. The grass should be recently mowed, plants laid in an orderly fashion, weeds removed, and pathways, ponds, and other decorative features kept in good condition. If you have tiled areas and some tiles are chipped, or you have an outdoor decking zone and the wood is broken or cracked, consider repair as a small investment that will boost the saleability of your home significantly.

Getting Rid Of Problematic Trees

If you have a tree with dangerously balanced limbs, or trees that are storm damaged or diseased, then relying on a professional removal and cutting services will ensure that nobody is hurt and the tree is safely removed. According to, there are two important factors to be taken into account during tree removal: proper technique must be employed, and the right equipment must be used. A crane, for instance, may be necessary to prune high branches or remove a fallen tree from a roof or similar high structure. If you have a property with a large outdoor space, check for items such as unwanted stumps, shrubs and limbs, and have them all removed at once.

Adding Decorative Touches

Once your lawn is in good condition, trees/shrubs/plants are well trimmed, and decking/tiles in good condition, you can consider adding a few designer touches that will make outdoor life more appealing to potential buyers. Just a few features you might consider are outdoor lighting features, a decorative fountain or water feature, green walls to divide garden spaces, benches and shade sales. A spacious garden can even house features like a Balinese bed, sun loungers, or a teak tree swing. Look for items in garage sales and online second-hand stores: you may find quite the steal you can enjoy yourself until your home is sold.

If you are selling a home with a front yard and lawn, ensure that your landscaping is up to scratch. Cleanliness, tidiness and safety come first, so make sure there are no features in your garden that could threaten your or future homeowners’ safety. Invest in a few changes as well - including new sod if necessary, as well as decking and decorative features. Remember that these investments do have a high cost recovery.

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