Get Busy in Your Downtime With These 4 DIY Projects

Little is as satisfying as looking at a project and thinking, “I did that!” It’s both relaxing and fulfilling to put energy into activities in which you’re the captain of the ship. When you have some downtime that you’re ready to put to good use, check out these ideas for inspiration!

DIY Home Security

While many people do not think of home security as a DIY project, you can actually take care of certain aspects of home security setup on your own. With so many new smart security devices on the market, all you need to do is research different systems to see which one is right for your household, order the necessary parts, and follow the instructions to install them. 

For example, you can install devices like doorbell cameras, door and window sensors, and even a key fob with tools that you probably already own. And when you use a DIY smart security system, you can avoid some of the hefty monitoring fees that come along with professionally installed systems. Furthermore, you can also move forward with some low-tech security strategies, like building a fence or planting shrubbery around your property’s perimeter.

Spruce Up Your Bathroom

Perhaps you’re thinking about selling your home once life returns to normal, and you’re interested in projects that will help to increase your home’s value, like renovating your kitchen, designing a home office, or installing new appliances. If you want to get an accurate picture of the features and fixtures that buyers in your area are prioritizing, check out local listings on various real estate websites. 

Remodeling your bathroom is generally a surefire way to boost your property’s value, but gutting your bathroom without the help of a contractor is not advisable. However, you can still give it a makeover with a new color scheme. Room and Board also recommends upgrading your lighting with wall sconces, large ceiling lights, or hanging pendants.

Organize Your Closets

Is your closet overflowing with clutter? Do you feel like you can never find the clothes and shoes you need because your wardrobe is so disorganized? Perhaps it’s time to organize your bedroom closet, as well as any other closets in the house. 

When it comes to closet organization, it’s best to begin the process by getting rid of anything you don’t need. Next, you’ll need to designate a specific place for everything. Molly Maid suggests using crates as convenient containers, installing shelving, or even putting up an extra closet rod to make room for more clothing. You can also explore storage solutions for other areas in your home, like behind-the-door shelving and small wall cabinets. 

Beautify Your Walls, Inside and Out

While you’re enjoying some downtime, why not give the interior and/or exterior a fresh paint job? You can even purchase paint online. 

While painting your home’s interior, The Spruce recommends using low-stick painter’s tape on any areas where you don’t want to see paint splotches, such as the edges where your walls and ceiling meet. And before you paint the exterior, don’t forget to wash your outer walls down. You want to ensure they are free of dirt before you start painting!

If painting isn’t your “thing” then consider wallpaper for the interior of the home. With wallpaper you can add almost-instant flair with designs and patterns of your liking. And today you can find non-toxic wallpaper that allows you to avoid messy glue and tedious cutting and smoothing, thanks to prepasted removable or peel-and-stick options. It’s a conscientious, efficient and beautiful solution for your walls. 

When your work day is done and you’re ready to unwind, think about applying yourself to a project of your own. If you apply your energy to these DIY activities, you’ll be amazed at how proud and satisfied you’ll feel!

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