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Home Security Tips | Colorado

When you're ready to put your home on the market, take a good look at any potential security risks. You can greatly reduce the risk of a break-in or vandalism by being proactive. Invest in security before you have to pay for repairs.

Interior Lights

Make sure that you invest in cool light bulbs that can be inserted into remote sockets, or at least left on for hours at a time. If you're already moved and want your house to look lived in, time the remote lights to turn off and go on a 9 to 5 schedule. Turn off lights in the upstairs or back of the house in the morning, and turn on lights for day use, such as in a kitchen, during daylight.

If you're not able to install programmable remotes, consider hiring a caretaker service or offer the space to a responsible house sitter. The addition of changing lights and a car in your driveway or garage could protect your home from break-ins while you're trying to sell it.

Motion Detectors

Add solar powered motion detector lights over access points. Your front porch steps, bedroom windows accessible from the ground and the sides of garages and garden sheds can all be dark spots where a human can hide and size up your home as a target, so be sure and shine a light on them before they can get in your home. Potential new buyers will also appreciate this addition.

In addition to solar-powered motion detector lights, consider installing solar-powered security cameras. While this set up will take a bit more technological know-how, knowing who's at the front door can be a great selling point for a potential buyer. Plus, a security camera on the porch can prevent delivery theft or "porch piracy" for you or the next owner.

Check the Landscaping

Don't let shrubs grow up against your house. First of all, this can lead to foundation root damage. Secondly, you can give fleas a nice warm spot to hang out while they wait for your pets to step outside. Finally, a dense shrub right under a window is a good spot for a thief, or worse, to hang out until the bedroom light is off. Foundation plantings need to be trimmed back at least one foot to keep fleas away, and it will prevent other pests from getting into your home as well.

While you're trimming back shrubs, be sure to thin them as well. Cut away branches that increase the thickness in the center of the plant. Give lurkers no place to hide. Any plants that are impossible to trim because their root is within 1 foot of the house will need to come out.

Review Windows

Make sure that each window has a secure lock. If nothing else, sink a screw at the top of the window that moves, either in the closed position or three inches up if you like to open the window for fresh air. You can enjoy ventilation and security at the same time.

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Update the Locks

A plain old deadbolt that only takes a key isn't all that hard to pick. Instead, consider a touch-screen that you can program for multiple users to enter. For example, if you're selling the house, the realtor gets a pin that's different from yours. If contractors are coming over to work on the house, you can give them their own pin. At the time of sale, simply wipe all the codes so the new owner can re-secure the house with just a little programming.

If you have a smart system already installed in the home, consider adding a smart lock. These locks do more than shield the front door; you can choose music to play when you get home and adjust the temperature to suit the code of the person who just entered.

The ability to check the locks one more time and go to bed confident in home security is truly a gift. With the right tools in place, the safety and security of your family and your possessions can help you rest well. Boosting the security of an empty house will save you repairs and worries, and will likely add to the value of your home.

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Home Security Tips

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