Home staging tips: Lighting can make all the difference

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When staging a home, one of the essential things is how well the lighting is utilized in a given space. If a property appears light and bright, it will make your potential homebuyers make an offer. After all, no one likes dark living spaces. They can appear intimidating and not well taken care of. So instead, you want to make your potential homebuyers feel welcome. They should be able to imagine themselves living in the space you are trying to sell. Here at Kenna Real Estate, we have provided you with useful home staging tips regarding lighting to help you attract buyers with the best offers. Good luck!

Home staging tips on lighting

You probably know that home staging is the most important step you need to take to draw buyers. It is a fascinating process, which involves decluttering your home and making it completely Pinterest-worthy so that you can ensure good offers and a satisfied customer.

However, it can also be difficult and overwhelming when balancing between staging the home you want to sell while moving and settling into your new one. Therefore, it would be good to consider hiring a prominent moving company to help you ease a great deal of stress. Reputable moving companies don't just offer moving services, but packing and storage too. It's a well-known fact that storage makes things easier by renting a storage unit to keep your belongings safe while in the relocation process. 

To ease your stress a little bit further, here are our top home staging tips regarding lighting in your home. Be sure to follow some of these steps to ensure a quick sale.

  • stay neutral
  • choose bright accessories
  • use mirrors
  • be transparent
  • switch up your light bulbs
  • layer the lighting
  • utilize the exterior lighting

Stay neutral when it comes to tones

Having accent walls might be eye-catching and exciting, but you cannot be sure it will align with your buyer's liking. As a result, you should try staying as neutral as possible when it comes to the color of your walls. 

neutral color walls and furniture

Neutral color walls and furniture

Painting your walls is the number 1 home improvement everyone should do before selling. If you decide to paint your walls in bright, neutral colors will allow you the flexibility to changing up your decoration often. Furthermore, having bright walls will make the light around the room reflect off the paint. Finally, if you want to add even further elegance, consider painting with a high-gloss sheen. 

Choose bright accessories to make your home appear bright

If you are on a bugdet, and painting your walls will be a big investment, you can choose bright accessories. This way, you will spruce up your living space and alter your potential homebuyer's attention to them. 

Choosing clean, neutral accessories will give an impression of a stylish home that is well taken care of. In addition, by opting for bright, clean colors, you will avoid them feeling distracted and really seeing what your properly staged place has to offer. 

Use mirrors to add reflection

Including reflective surfaces in your indoor darker areas is a good idea. If you position them across the light source, you will instantly get more light in the room. 

Having large bright bathrooms is great idea, but you can use mirrors elswhere.

A mirror wall with the popular IKEA picture frames, crystal chandeliers, and metal accessories can also help direct light.

Be transparent

Similar to reflective surfaces, transparent ones will also add light to your interior. These objects literally allow light to pass through them, which will make your home appear airy and bright. You can try changing small but meaningful things, like a dark coffee table for a glass, transparent one.

Additionally, it would be a great thing if you have the option to allow as much natural light in as possible. That can be accomplished by having a window wall, which won't leave any homebuyer disappointed.

One of home staging tips is to switch up your light bulbs 

This is a simple step, yet an effective one. You can switch your light bulbs for new ones, which will instantly make your room brighter. It would be good to stick to clear LED lights, which are also cost-effective and less damaging to the planet.

Pro tip: You can also clean your light fixtures and bulbs and instantly see a great change.

Layer your lighting

Consider this step like decorating and arranging furniture. If you do it correctly, it can impact the way your home and space are perceived. 

home staging tips include bright light fixtures and large window walls

Experts say there should be three sources of light in each room. These are:

  1. ambient lights (the overhead ones)

  2. task lights (desk and reading lights)

  3. accent lights (floor lamps or table lamps)

The possibilities are endless when it comes to being creative with your lights. For example, under-counter lighting is a popular feature nowadays, adding form and function to your room. 

Don't forget the exterior lighting

Outdoor lighting can also help a home stand out. There are a few possibilities you can do

  • Light up the front door area, which will instantly make it more inviting;
  • Make your driving area, garage, stairs, and walkways properly lit;
  • Your yard is also a huge selling point. Therefore, don't neglect it. You can use lighting to accentuate some landscaping features and other elements.

Final thoughts on home staging tips regarding lighting

When it comes to selling your home quickly and for a good price while moving hassle-free into your new house, the key is organization and proper planning. By making a to-do list, you will make sure you are on top of your game. Also, it will help you set your priorities straight. One of the priorities should be following our home staging tips to ensure a successful sale. Remember, lighting has a significant role in this process. So, once you start your home staging process, keep our tips in mind!

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