Horse Properties Near Denver, Colorado | 7 Questions that should be Answered

7 Questions to Ask When Buying a Horse Property in Denver, Colorado

Buying a horse property is a big decision. Every horse owner has different needs, but some things are really common whether you are looking for horse properties in Denver, Colorado or any other place else in world.

Here are the 7 questions to consider as you search for the perfect location for buying a horse property.

1. Is the barn in an accessible spot for farriers and deliveries?

It sounds simple, but it would be a matter when you have to carry tons of hay in your back to horse farm.

2. Is the pasture well maintained?

If there are a lot of weeds in pastures then there is a good chance that horses have not been grazing there in past. In this case, make sure that there are no toxic plants before putting your horses out.

3. Are the water sources adequate or not?

Running out of water is a great problem in a horse property. You can feed your horses easily, but you don’t want to experience a horse farm without water.

4. Where to dispose of manure?

Before buying the horse property, make sure there is a place to store manure and that you have a plan to dispose of it.

5. Is there any zoning restrictions that could prevent stabling horses on the property?

Consult with local officers on this matter before you go to buy, especially if you are considering a property where you don’t see any horses living on the property.

6. Is there a separate septic sewer system for the barn and particularly for the wash rack?

If you are going to buy a large barn with a wash rack and the property is not served by public sewer, then it is good idea for the barn to have its own sewer system.

7. Is your Realtor Experienced in Equestrian Properties and Land that is Zoned for Horses?

At Kenna Real Estate our brokers sell many horse properties a year and are versed in the ins and outs of buying a Colorado Horse Property. We will help you and make the Buying or Selling Experience quick and stress free.

Obviously, there are a number of other issues to consider when buying a horse property in Denver, Colorado, but these are only a few that are often overlooked. When searching for horse properties in Denver, Colorado, it is very important to consult with a real estate professional who has years of experience in dealing with horse properties. At Denver Luxury Homes, we offer best horse properties in stunning locations of Denver, Colorado at best market price. For more information, dial (303) 710-2609 or visit our website.


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