How Do I Buy a Home with Cash?

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Buying a home with cash can put you at a significant advantage, even in a competitive market like Colorado. If you can buy a home with cash then you can avoid any delays in finding financing and dealing with mortgage applications. You can therefore guarantee the seller a quicker and easier sale, which can make your offer more attractive. If you're planning on buying a property with cash then Kenna Real Estate can guide you through the process. 

The Process of  Buying a Home with Cash 

 The process of buying a home with cash shares is similar to buying with a mortgage in many ways. You will still go through the same process of finding a property, making an offer, and negotiating with the seller. However, the financial side of the process will be very different as you'll be using your own funds to pay for your new home immediately rather than taking out a mortgage and paying for the property over time. 

 1. Get Your Cash Together 

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The first step to buy a home with cash is to get your finances in order. You may need to gather together funds that are in several different accounts so that it will be ready to use. You will also need to take a close look at your finances and decide how much you are able to spend on a property. You should remember to set aside funds for all the costs and fees involved in buying a home as well as for the property itself. You may want to keep some money for redecorating or making other changes to the property. It is also sensible to hold on to some of your savings in case you need them for other reasons, such as unexpected repairs or medical bills. Talking to a financial advisor and a tax specialist can help you to make the right decisions about your finances before you buy a home. 

 2. Ask Your Bank for a Proof of Funds Letter 

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Once you have the funds organized, you should ask your bank to provide an official letter stating the amount you have available to spend. You will be able to show this letter to your realtor and to sellers when you are making an offer on a property. Being able to provide evidence of your funds will make your offer seem more serious and reliable. Using a proof of funds letter will ensure that you don't have to share your personal details with sellers by showing them your bank statements, so it can be a more secure option. 

 3. Find Your New Home 

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Now that you know your budget, you can start looking for a property that suits you. You may need to be in a particular location and you will probably have a list of features that your new home should have, such as a specific number of bedrooms and bathrooms. Take some time to think about what you're looking for before you begin your property search. You can then start looking at property listings and get in touch with a realtor who can help you to find your new home. If you're looking for properties in Colorado then Kenna Real Estate can provide local knowledge and recommend homes that would be a good match for you. We can also help to arrange viewings and communicate with the seller on your behalf. 

 4. Make a Cash Offer on the Property 

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When you find a property that is right for you, the next step will be to make an offer on it. You will need to decide how much you are going to offer. You already know how much you have available to spend, but that doesn't mean that you have to make the highest offer you can. The listing price for the property can be a good guide for your offer amount. You may want to try a lower offer if the property has been on the market for a while or there are clear issues such as repairs that need to be made. However, Colorado can be a very competitive market, so many homes will sell above the listing price. You might need to offer more in order to get your dream home. Despite this, sellers may be willing to accept a slightly lower offer from a cash buyer. Making a cash offer can put you at an advantage as it means the seller won't have to wait around while you arrange financing or risk losing the sale because the financing fell through. Highlighting the fact that you will be paying cash will therefore be an important part of making your offer. The offer should also include contract contingencies to ensure that you're only committing to buy the property if the results of the inspection and appraisal are satisfactory. Your Kenna realtor can help you to put together an attractive offer. We can advise you on the offer amount and how to ensure the contract is fair. 

 5. Choose Your Settlement Agent 

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The settlement agent or closing agent will complete the transaction between you and the seller. The settlement agent is an independent third party who will hold your money while the sale is being completed and then transfer it to the seller. The settlement agent will also handle the title research and ensure that the title is transferred to you at the same time as the money is sent to the seller. Title research is an essential part of buying a home. The agent will check for any liens or claims against the property that could cause legal problems later on. If you need a settlement agent in Colorado then you can ask your Kenna realtor for a recommendation. We have lots of experience in the local market so we can suggest reliable agents in the area. 

 6. Hand Over the Earnest Money Check

Earnest money isn't required when you buy a home for cash, but it can help to make your offer more attractive to the sellers as it shows that you are serious and ready to move quickly. Offering earnest money can also benefit you as the seller will usually be required to take the property off the market when you hand over this deposit. It can prevent any other buyers coming along and outbidding you. If you decide to offer earnest money then you should set out the amount when you make your offer. Around 1% to 2% of the property value is a typical amount for earnest money, but you can offer more. You will hand the earnest money over to the settlement agent after your offer has been accepted, usually in the form of a cashier's check or by wire transfer. The agent will hold on to this deposit while the title search, property inspection, and other essential tasks are being completed. Make sure that you understand the terms that apply to the earnest money if you make it part of your offer. The offer agreement will set out what happens to the money if the sale does not go through for any reason. Under some circumstances, the seller may keep this deposit. In other cases, for example if there is an issue with the title or the contract contingencies you have agreed upon, the money will be returned to you. If you need any advice on earnest money or the offer agreement then you can always ask your Kenna realtor for advice. 

 7. Arrange Inspections and Appraisals of the Property

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After your offer has been accepted and any earnest money has been handed over to the settlement agent, there are some important checks that need to be made before the sale is completed. You need to ensure that the contingencies set out in your offer are met before you buy the property. The following checks may need to be performed as part of the sales process: 

  • Property inspection to check for any hidden issues or potential problems with the property. An inspector can check for any repairs that need to be made or developing issues that could cause serious problems in the future, such as structural problems. If a serious issue is revealed then the inspection contingency in your agreement should allow you to walk away from the property if you choose. If there are only minor issues then you may be able to negotiate a reduction in the sales price or for the seller to get the repairs done before you take over the property.
  • Land survey to determine the property boundaries, check whether the property is on a floodplain, and set out any easements or access rights over your land. If you're buying a home with acres or a property on a large lot then this can be an important step so that you know exactly what you're buying.
  • Appraisal to confirm the current value of the property. Although you won't be required to get an appraisal when you're not using a mortgage to pay for the property, it can still be a good idea to check that you're not overpaying for your new home. Including an appraisal contingency in your offer means that if the property turns out to be worth a lot less than expected, you will be able to walk away from the sale. Buying an overpriced property can be a bad idea even if you are using cash because you could end up making a loss if you have to sell the property in the future. 

 Your Kenna realtor can recommend reliable local professionals who can perform property inspections, land surveys, or appraisals. Arranging these checks is an important part of the process of buying a home as it will ensure you know exactly what you're getting and helps you to avoid any unforeseen problems in the future. 

 8. Pay Cash for Your Property 

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If no problems are uncovered during the inspections and appraisal, then you will need to prepare your funds to transfer to the seller via settlement agent. When you buy a home with cash, the money will usually be transferred as a cashier's check from your bank or via a wire transfer directly into the agent's account. Your bank can help you to arrange everything. The agent will hold on to the funds until the title is transferred to you upon completion. You may also need to pay some additional fees, such as closing costs or homeowners' association fees when you take over the property.  

 9. Complete the Closing Process 


On the day that you have chosen to complete the sale, you will need to meet with the seller and your settlement agent to sign all of the necessary documents. The sale can usually be completed a lot quicker when you buy a home with cash. You may be able to close in as little as a week or two if all goes well as there is no need to arrange any financing or deal with mortgage lenders. You will need to bring your ID, the cashier's check or details for the wire transfer, and anything else the closing agent has requested. The settlement agent will ensure that both you and the seller have met all the terms that you agreed upon. The funds will then be transferred to the seller while the property title is handed over to you. You will receive the keys to your new home and be ready to move in. 

Buying a home with cash can put you at an advantage as the process can be much quicker and simpler than arranging a mortgage. Being able to make a cash offer can be particularly advantageous in a competitive market like Colorado where there are often multiple buyers interested in a property. Your Kenna realtor can guide you through the process of finding your new home, making an offer, and completing the sale. We have plenty of experience with cash sales, so we'll help to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible.

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