How do you know when you've found the right house

How Do You Know You Have Found the Right House

It's normal to be overly cautious when buying a home. Besides, with possibly your entire life's savings at stake, you surely want to double-check that the house you end up acquiring is, indeed, the one. But, how do you know you’ve found the right house? Are there any signs that clearly point it out? Or maybe, you should simply listen to your gut? Let's figure it out together!

How to tell if you've stumbled upon the right house

In some instances, some tell-tale signs suggest you've found your dream house. For starters, if it heavily reminds you of your childhood home - or another place you've felt utterly happy living in - then, yes, that house could definitely be it. Other times, however, the signs aren't as clear but rather subtle. You can't be 100% sure unless you look closer and ask yourself several questions.

To make hunting for a perfect house a bit easier on you, we've made it our business to investigate just what to look for in order to determine if the property is suitable for you. So, without further ado, we bring you our top ways to when you’ve found the right house.

You find yourself wanting to go inside

When hunting for housing around a certain neighborhood, you never know which one will be yours soon. That uncertainty is partly why the buying process is so exciting. While on the lookout, pay special attention to the property that stands out from the rest. If it manages to catch your attention right from the start, it's definitely worth exploring. After all, it's all about first impressions. Maybe you can't quite put your finger on it, but something about one house in particular appeals to you. It's inviting you in, and you can't help but accept the invitation because guess what? A part of you is hoping for it to be the house that becomes your home.

You feel at home straight away

You've barely even stepped inside, but you already feel the warmth and coziness of the place. It doesn't feel foreign at all - quite the contrary, it feels like home. Well, if that isn't the sign - what is?
You want to check out the bathroom

Some buyers avoid bathrooms as if they were cursed. They would just open the door, take a peek for a second, and move on with the tour. If you find yourself interested in this room and feel comfortable enough to be inside it, and explore it further, consider the place a prospective perfect-house candidate.

If you find yourself being comfortable inside the bathroom, there's a chance you've stumbled upon the right house.

You feel the need to defend it

Your realtor has mentioned something about the property needing a few repairs here and there, maybe a partial remodeling too. They've gone as far as to talk about their visions for the space. You've had enough of it because you can't stand anyone else meddling in your business. But is it your business, really? Well, not yet, but it feels like it is. Actually, you've begun liking the house so much that you've started defending it as if it were already your own!

Just don't let your anger get the best of you. Perhaps, your agent has a point. Maybe the right house isn't all that perfect, but that doesn't mean it can't be. As a matter of fact, there are affordable ways to spruce it up, allowing even those on a budget to venture into the remodeling process.

You start envisioning your life there

Planning for the future in the midst of a house tour could very well be the sign you've found the perfect one! The moment you crossed the doorstep, you began thinking you might be able to make a life for yourself here. You've already decided where the lounge area would be, you've picked the place for your bed, and also thought of a convenient spot for your Christmas tree. You realized you could see yourself arriving home at the end of a tough day, curling up on the sofa and straight-up relaxing.

If you are capable of picturing yourself living in it, you are probably looking at the right house for you.

No other listing compares to it

Watch out because the dream home is here, and all other properties pale in comparison to it! You've checked out a couple of more, tried to like them, and truthfully, some of them you did like, just not as much. You've made this house your number one, and it's darn hard to overthrow it!
You want the entire world to know about it
Consider you've found the right house if you absolutely can't wait to tell your friends and family all about it! You've barely even made it out, but you're already hitting up everyone you know and posting pictures on social media.

You want to visit it again

You wouldn't give the house any more of your time if you weren't seriously considering going through with the purchase. So, if you feel like something is drawing you to it, and you want to go back for a visit, there's a huge chance you've found your next home.
Perhaps, you simply want to look at it from another perspective, just to be sure. Or you want to show your significant other and your family around, hoping to pick their brains about it.

It satisfies the requirements

It might not check all the boxes out there, but it does the significant ones. It's the right size and has enough space for everything you need. It fits your budget and is located in a good neighborhood. And most importantly, it evokes feel-good emotions. What more would you need?

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So, have you found the right house? Well, you might have, but you must be the judge of that. At the end of the day, it's you who will live there, nobody else. This guide is only meant to help you get to the answer more quickly. Of course, if you believe your dream home is just within your reach, don't let it slip away. Make that offer as soon as possible to avoid other buyers from scooping it up right under your nose.

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