How To Mix Metals in Your Home Décor

How To Mix Metals in Your Home Décor

There are some things that simply don’t go together. If you asked most people, they might tell you not to mix metals like gold and silver or brass and copper. This advice is mostly antiquated at this point. If you enjoy these metals for decorating your home, there are plenty of ways to incorporate them together. We’ll show you how to mix metals in your home décor to great effect, so you’ll end up with a unique look that you and others will love.

Start With a Base Metal

Having an equal number of different types of metals can often look like a jumbled mess if you’re not careful. You might notice in metal architecture how one metal is the dominant one while the others are simply accent pieces. This is the look you want to go for in your own home. Choose one metal to be the base metal and add other metals as additions to the room rather than letting them take up a substantial portion of it.

Stick To a Theme

You don’t want to start adding silver pieces randomly to a room they don’t fit in. You want to choose a theme and attempt to stick to it. Maybe you enjoy the white-gold look, or perhaps you’d prefer having more contrast with something like silver and brushed steel. Whatever your theme is, don’t veer away from it unless you really want something to stick out from the rest of the room.

Understand Color Theory

Metals do still have color to them that you need to consider. If you’re considering how to mix metals in your home décor, try to keep the color tone of the metals similar to the other color tones in the room. If you have a warmer room of tans and beiges, a warm metal such as gold, copper, or brass might work. A cooler toned room with lots of greys, blues, and greens tends to fit better with cooler metals such as silver and chrome.

Don’t Go Overboard

Unless you want your home to look like a retro-futuristic sideshow, try to keep the amount of metal you use to a tasteful minimum. Having too much metal everywhere can give your home a very sterile or strange look, so you definitely want to keep the metal as the accents as much as possible. Keep the metals subtle, and you’ll be able to appreciate the beauty they bring to a room much more.

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