How Real Estate Postcards Can Build Your Brand

How Real Estate Postcards Can Build Your Brand

As a real estate realtor, you can't afford to miss out on any marketing tactic that will help increase your pool of leads. While digital marketing strategies offer many benefits and promises, conventional marketing models like postcard marketing provide a more directive approach. Needless to say, direct mail isn’t dead. There's still a high percentage of people worldwide who prefer receiving mail from brands to opening emails.

Since more people would rather get direct mail than emails, you can maximize the use of just sold postcards. These postcards can be customized to fit your company's image and brand and allow you to reach an audience that’s unreachable through other digital mediums. In fact, sending them is an effective real estate marketing strategy that continues to be popular with realtors, and it's ideal for you, whether you work alone or with a team.

Here are some ways real estate postcards can build your brand successfully:

They Aid In Driving Traffic To Your Business 

Like pamphlets and other print ads, postcards work effectively in a way that encourages people to visit your store. They drive traffic and motivate your target audience to visit your website and social media accounts. This form of advertising delivers your message clearly, as a postcard can contain all the details about your company and a section of property listings.  

As a real estate agent, a postcard allows you to position your brand differently from competitors. Since many agents focus on digital efforts, you'll have a bigger market available to connect with through postcards. Thus, your brand will stand out even more when you use postcard marketing, so take advantage of this opportunity to convert leads into buyers.

They Allow You To Connect With Prospects On A Personal Level 

Buying a home is one of the most significant decisions in anyone's life, and, so, it's understandable how prospects would want to transact a property purchase with someone they can relate with and trust. Fortunately, postcards work well in building personal relationships with clients. After all, direct marketing delivers a personalized connection that no emails and direct messages can ever compete with.  

As mentioned earlier, postcards are customizable, so the recipient will feel more valued when they open your mail. Moreover, receiving something tangible in their mailbox allows them to appreciate the moment of receiving a mail, opening the envelope, or even feeling the card's texture. All these are part of sensory marketing, which allows customers to feel more connected. Customers will acknowledge and trust your brand because they recognize the fact that you've exerted more effort to personalize the mail and send it out through the postal service system.

They Help You Increase Brand Visibility 

Postcards can come in jumbo sizes, such as 6x9 inches, so you’re free to include all the texts, information, and images you want. Some templates make it easier for you to fill out, so you no longer have to create the postcard from scratch. All the details that the receiver is exposed to when they open your postcard will lead to brand awareness and retention.

Since postcards are visual, physical mediums, the printed details will be etched in people’s memory, unlike information taken from digital formats. Chances are your postcards will be displayed on desks and counters at home, so people will continue to remember your name, face, message, and offers. As a result, they’re more likely to reach out to you when they’re planning to buy a home. 

They Can Easily Be Tracked 

Postcard campaigns are easy to track in terms of effectiveness. Because postcards are printed and mailed by number, you can track them and measure their efficacy. After sending out postcards in bulk, you can note how many inquiries and leads were generated. Checking the number of inquiries and leads gives you the opportunity to modify or improve your postcard content or marketing strategy based on the campaign results. 

Furthermore, comparing how many postcards you sent out with how many sales leads you generated will help you determine how well the campaign is working. You can also compute whether the cost of the campaign is worth the profit you've earned. Lastly, you’ll have a clearer picture of your postcard marketing campaign's success after assessing the lead conversion rate.       


While digital marketing, such as real estate video marketing, can work wonders, traditional marketing, like conventional print ads, continues to thrive. Implementing postcard marketing campaigns results in a high return on investment. What’s more, creating and reproducing postcards is easy and can be done as often as needed. In short, real estate postcards hold such power in building your brand. 


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