How To Choose The Right Type Of Farm Building?

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Curious about starting your farm? If so, it's important to understand that choosing the appropriate farm building is essential. According to Statista, the combined value of farmland and buildings in the United States in 2022 is approximately 3.27 trillion U.S. dollars. This is a 47% increase from the 2.22 trillion U.S. dollars reported in 2012. With the growing demand, the sheer variety of available options for farm buildings can get confusing.

A farm building is where you store and keep your crops, livestock, tools, supplies, equipment, and machines safe. So, choosing the correct one will ensure you get the maximum from your investment and cover all your needs.

But how do you pick a suitable farm building for your needs? Check out the factors you should consider when making this critical decision.

The Different Types of Farm Buildings

Farm buildings serve various purposes and vary according to the specific farming activities you intend to do. They can act as the farm's storage units or processing facilities. But their roles don't end with it. Farm buildings also serve as shelters and spaces where you can carry out your daily tasks and oversee your operations.

One common type of farm building is the barn, primarily used for storage. Should you decide on a barn-style farm building, select a traditional pole barn with a wooden frame or explore a hybrid design. A hybrid pole barn structure integrates a steel structure and the conventional wooden post-frame construction.

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Other farm-building types are as follows:

● silos for grain and silage storage

● greenhouses for crop cultivation

● chicken coops for poultry farming

● sheds for supply and equipment storage.

Tips for Selecting the Right Type of Farm Building

Identify What You Need Or the Purpose of the Building 

Why would you put up a building if you don't know how or where you can use it? This makes evaluating or identifying what you need a priority. Remember, poultry farming requires a building different from what crop farming needs.

To help you assess your specific needs, below are some questions you might want to ask yourself before choosing a building type:

● What type of farming are you going to do? 

● Is it focused on growing crops, animal husbandry, or both?

● Do you need a storage area for grain or equipment?

● How big is your operation?

Know Your Budget

Why is having a clear budget helpful? 

Farm buildings are different for all types of farming activities. As they differ depending on their functions, they vary in sizes, materials, features, and the associated costs. If you know your financial capacity, you can focus only on options that fit within it. You can decide regarding the farm building's size, materials, and features without exhausting your funds.

Furthermore, knowing your budget allows you to plan well before spending and allocate your funds wisely. As a result, you can avoid overspending and prepare for other necessary expenses related to your farming activities.

Ready to find your Farm in Colorado?
Let us help you. Call or Text Kenna Real Estate at 303-955-4220 for personalized assistance from our expert real estate agents. Find out what your home is worth in today's market.

Explore Building Material Options

As mentioned, farm buildings can come in different materials with unique properties and characteristics that make them suitable for specific farm-building purposes. Exploring options allows you to find materials that align with your needs regarding durability, weather resistance, maintenance requirements, and budget. Also, local building codes and regulations may require specific materials for farm construction in your area.

Among the common farm building materials are wood and steel. As steel buildings offer toughness and the ability to withstand pests and harsh weather, these metal structures improve property value and are a favored option for numerous farms. On the other hand, wooden structures provide a timeless look but may demand more upkeep.

Consult Experts

Who knows the right farm-building type for each activity better than an expert? With their valuable expertise and experience, these professionals in the field of agricultural construction can give you insights into the latest trends and best practices in the field. They also know the latest innovative solutions that can be useful for your farm.

In addition, experts in farm building construction can assess your farm and evaluate its topography, soil composition, drainage patterns, and other factors that may dictate the most suitable building type for your location. They can do all of these while adhering to industry standards.

Final Thoughts

The appropriate type of farm structure is an investment in your farm's future success. When choosing the right one for your farm, you need to consider your specific needs and financial capabilities and be familiar with various construction materials. Taking these factors into account and seeking expert advice can ensure that your choice of farm building aligns with your needs and the goals of your farming operation.

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