How to fix a Leaky Shower Head

How to fix a Leaky Shower Head | Fixing a Leaky Shower Head Denver Plumbing Tips

shower headDrip. drip. drip¦ drip. You wait to see if it stops, but it doesn?t. Not only is a dripping shower head annoying but even a small dripping of water can waste quite a large amount of water in a short period or time if left dripping. Often, the leaking is due to a worn down rubber gasket, which is easy to fix. To check if this is the problem, unscrew the shower head, using a wrench if needed. Take out the rubber gasket?or ?O-ring. If it leaves black gooey residue on your fingers, it needs to be replaced.

Take the old O-ring to the hardware store and buy a replacement of the same exact size. While you?re there, pick up some Teflon tape; you?ll need some of that as well. Back at home, standing under the shower head, push the new O-ring into place, making sure that it lays flat inside the assembly. This may take a small amount of force.

Wrap some Teflon tape around the threads of the pipe in the direction that the threads flow, completely covering the threaded section. Be sure not to tape the smooth part of the pipe at all. Use about two layers of the tape, pulled tightly. You should see the threads under the tape, but they shouldn?t cut through the tape.

Screw the shower head back on and check to see if the leaking stopped. If it did you are done.

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