How To Turn $9,000 Into $85,115 In Just 5 Years

How To Turn $9,000 Into $85,115 In Just 5 Years

Posted by Brian Burke on Saturday, October 29th, 2016 at 10:06am.

How To Turn $9,000 Into $85,115 In Just 5 Years Just Buying a Denver Area Home. 

Denver Mortgages Gain EquityBuying a Denver area home is a smart decision for your future. Here’s how you can potentially turn $9,000 into $85,115 in just 5 years? Kenna Real Estate's Loan Advisor Shawn Janusheske explains.

The Denver home market is appreciating at over 11% right now.  But if we take a conservative approach and use just 3% appreciation.  Here’s what can happen. Imagine what 11% looks like!

On a 300,000 home purchase, qualified homebuyers can put just $9,000 as down payment. 

In just 5 years that $300,000 home purchase would have appreciated in value to $347,728.

Plus the loan that started out at $291,000, after making 60 payments would have a remaining balance of $262,677.

So let’s look at the numbers.

$347,728  Appreciated Home Value

 -$262,677  Remaining Loan Balance

$85,115  Equity!

 A $9,000 down payment was turned into $85,115.  How incredible is that?


 Here is a link to a spreadsheet that shows a $300k purchase, 3% down over 5 &10 Years.  Click Here

 That can potentially happen.  By the way, according to 82% wealth comes from homeownership.

 Want a spreadsheet with your purchase price ranges, down payment and different loan types?  Fill out the simple form and with 24-48 hours a spreadsheet will be sent to you at no cost or obligation.

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