Use your Air Conditioning Efficiently

Our Air Conditioners Keeps us cool and comfortable until we get the electric bill. Fact is most people do not use their air conditioning effectively or efficiently.  You are not going to save bundles of money by being a better user of A/C, but it can reduce your electric bill.

Save MONEY by following a few simple rules regarding central or window A/C use.

Maintenance:   Your air conditioner needs regular maintenance to operate at peak performance. Clean or replace your filters once a month or as required.  The indoor cooling coils in the air handler should be cleaned once a year.  Make sure the machine is properly lubricated.  Oil the motor and bearings twice a year.  The outside compressor?s fan blades in the air handler should also be cleaned.  Clean blades move more air.  Inspect the fan belts and pulleys for wear and proper tension.  On the inside, have your condensate lines and check and the pump cleaned, if your system is equipped with one.  Be sure system shutdown switches are working.

The outdoor compressor is the heart of a central A/C system. Keep the area around the unit clear and free of debris. Restricting the air flow from the unit will impede its' ability to dissipate heat causing it to work harder. Have the cooling fins cleaned once a year. The same is true for room units.  Clean your ducts!   This is a greatly overlooked area of forced air maintenance.  Consider cleaning your ducts every 3-5 years.

Using your system efficiently:  The best way to use a central air conditioning system is to not open your windows when the temperature cools down for one or two days. The job of the A/C system is to; one cool the air and two: dehumidify the air. By opening windows you re-humidify the air in the home and when you restart the system, it will have work to once again dehumidify the air.  A very important consideration is where you set your thermostat.  78 degrees is the optimal temperature for central A/C systems. 78 is not uncomfortable especially if the air is dry.  Contemplate this fact, for every degree you deviate from 78 it will cost you about three percent more per degree to run you A/C.  Using ceiling fans will also allow you to more comfortably raise the temperature and use the unit less.   Automatic or setback thermostats can save you money by raising the temperature.  All ducts should be insulated and sealed.  Duct leaks can be responsible for up to a 30% loss in efficiency. The same is true for insulating ducts, especially in unconditioned spaces such as an attic.

Some other points to remember are close your shades and blinds during the day on the sunny side.   Avoid using your oven or stove top, use the microwave or barbecue outdoors, if possible.  By following these tips you will save money and be more comfortable. And you may be a little happier with your electric bill!


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