Increasing Home Value: The Real Estate Benefits of Adding a Screened-In Porch

There are many ways to increase the value of your home, but not all of them are as engaging as adding another room to your living space or maximizing the existing square footage. For example, while upgrading your home's roof may add value and protect your property against environmental and other issues, it's not necessarily a fun investment. 

If you want to increase home value while investing your money into a project you enjoy daily, consider adding a screened-in porch. Here, you can learn what a screened-in porch is (if you know what a sunroom is, then you've got a decent idea) and the real estate benefits of adding a screened-in porch to your property. Once you have installed your screened-in porch, you can enjoy the new equity you have in your home, place your property on the market for an ideal asking price, or enjoy your home for as many more years as you'd like! 

What Is a Screened-In Porch? 

A screened-in porch has screens on the window units but doesn't usually have glass, allowing air to pass through them. However, you can have glass installed in a screened-in porch if you'd like to make your living space more versatile and similar to a sunroom, a room enclosed in glass windows. 

The best way to determine how you should have a screened-in porch placed in your home is to speak to a screen porch builder. They can help you choose the best layout for your new porch and give you custom design ideas to maximize the efficiency and functionality of this space. Whether you want a screened-in porch for private use to maximize square footage efficiently or sell your home and get the most profit off it, your screen porch specialist will help you achieve your real estate goals. 

How A Screened-In Porch Increases Home Value

Adding a screened-in porch can increase your property's value in several ways. Explore a few of them in further detail as you read on. 

By Making Your Home More Unique

If you plan on placing your home on the market, making your home stand out from others that are listed in your area can help you get it sold more quickly. Unique home additions, such as screened-in porches, give your home an appeal that other homes may not have. Your real estate agent will use this addition to your home to showcase your property in its best light. This can help you get more people to look at your property and sell your home more quickly. 

By Giving Your Home More Square Footage 

The more square footage your home has, the more potential money it can be worth. You don't even have to sell your house to take advantage of its increased value once the screened-in porch is added on. You can use the additional square footage in a screened porch for personal enjoyment, using the space as a dining room, reading room, entertainment area, or even as a summer guest room. Or, you can use the space for financial gain to gain equity in your home that you can cash out in an equity cash-out or to refinance your property. 

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By Giving Your Home More Versatile Appeal

Your home should be a valuable and functional place to call home. Sometimes, homes have less real estate value when they don't have fully functional layouts or are lacking certain spaces. For example, a home that doesn't have a porch or patio may be perceived as having less value than a home that does have these features. 

Adding a screened-in porch gives your home more versatility, which can increase its value overall. A home with more rooms with multiple purposes is more valuable than a home lacking these additional features. If you want a cost-effective way to increase the value of your property, a screened-in porch is a worthy investment. 

By Making Your Home More Modern

While a screened-in porch addition may be considered classic or traditional in its design, its modern touch to your otherwise outdated or not recently upgraded home can be just what your home needs to quickly up its value and overall appeal. 

If you already have an exposed porch or an exit door to your home that could easily have a screened-in porch added, all the better. This can make adding to your home more cost-effective, which helps you increase your home's value without having to add more expenses to your pocketbook. 

What To Discuss With Your Builder

Your budget desires for a screened-in porch, where you want to place it, and how you intend to use it are all factors that should be discussed with your builder before you start planning on adding or modifying this feature to your home. For example, it's cheaper to add a screened-in porch area to an existing porch than to build from scratch. 

Wrapping Up Real Estate

If you want to add value and beauty to your home, adding a new porch design by screening in an area is a wise approach. Discuss several options with your screen porch builder before proceeding with this home design.

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