Innovative Building Materials That Do Their Bit For The Environment

There are several reasons why it would be necessary to retire an old house, and currently, housing commissions in the U.S. are zeroing in on homes built before 1970. While properties with good bones can be restored or renovated, some require too much work and must be demolished. The Denver housing crisis led to a concerted effort for new buildings, which created an excellent opportunity to build sustainable housing.

Building Materials That Have A Minimal Impact

Bamboo is not only a remarkable building material because of the speed of its growth but also because it boasts a long list of other benefits. It’s one of the most robust materials and can easily replace wood elements throughout the property as the strength-to-weight ratio is unrivaled. Another favorite is hempcrete, an ingenious blend of hemp and other materials to form an eco-friendly concrete version. Hemp grows at stellar speed and is a challenging and durable material.

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Withstanding The Elements For Properties That Last

One of the most significant costs for homeowners who have been in their properties for several years is the costly repairs of joists and frameworks that have disintegrated over time. One of the most brilliant fixes in the construction industry is switching to titanium or a titanium alloy. Titanium is not only a robust material that successfully withstands corrosion but also an excellent material for areas that require strength and longevity. For those who wish to build sustainable houses that will outlast the elements, titanium should form part of the building. Titanium plating is perfect for areas of construction that need solid reinforcement, whereas titanium tubing works well in regions that need lightweight support.

Successfully Recycling Waste

One of the most integral parts of creating sustainable construction is reinventing the use of previously considered harmful items. Plastic is perhaps one of the most hated products on the planet, as it’s known to destroy habitats and place wildlife in severe distress. One of the smartest moves by environmentalists is recycling plastic waste into usable items, such as eco-bricks. Ferrock is another interesting sustainable concrete-like material made from steel industry dust. It also happens to trap CO2, which makes it a carbon-neutral product and a great addition to the building material stock list.

Sustainable new buildings are essential to curb the housing crisis while doing our bit for the environment.

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