Into The New World: Living Life In Cities With Most Vacant Homes

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Real estate activity highly depends on local conditions, and the COVID-19 pandemic significantly affected the market. There were severe drops to cities that were hit harder by the pandemic. Like in New York City, there was a 58% decline in pending home sales since the pandemic outbreak last spring 2020. This happening results in more vacant homes.

In addition to this, there are cities in the United States with at least  5,000 vacant units. There may be other factors that ensued this. However, this will not hinder the beauty that the cities can present you. Living in these places can become a good experience and an excellent investment.

Margate City, New Jersey

The first city to be mentioned is from the 50 cities with the most vacant homes in Margate City. This city is a popular summer destination in New Jersey. It is a waterfront community that has over 7,067 total housing units with 4,134 vacant homes. This city in New Jersey is the ideal place for people who love the water. You can do various water activities such as swimming, surfing, kayak, and even sunbathing on the shore.  

Living in Margate City means beach houses and several townhouses. Though this city does not have any high rising buildings like condominiums, it has more single-family homes located just near the body of water. Also, some houses can be used for recreational activities. So Margate City is a good place for people who are into water activities and are looking to escape to a big busy city.

Vail, Colorado

Vail, Colorado, is known for being a ski town where beautiful snow covers the landscape. You can do various winter sports in this city. Not only that, but it also has summer activities that you can enjoy during warm seasons, such as hiking and golf. 

Moreover, it has an excellent economy with only a 1.9% total rate of unemployment. Meanwhile, Vail’s tourism is something that the locals have taken pride in with fantastic goods and services. The number of tourists keeps on increasing every winter season.

The town of Vail has an urban feel, having only a population of 5,479 with around 5,179 total vacant homes. Every resident in this place seems very happy with their way of living. Plus, the crime rate here is almost to nothing. They are making this place an ideal and safe city to live in.

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Nantucket, Massachusetts

Nantucket is a famous second home to the wealthiest people in the world. Aside from them, tourists also live seasonally in this city. With its picturesque harbor, exciting surfside, and excellent restaurants, people cannot resist but come and stay for the season. A lot of locals are also trying their best to preserve Nantucket as their mission.

You can take refuge in this peaceful island of Nantucket from the usual stress of city life. 

Moreover, this town is very exclusive. It has terrific activities where everyone can have fun and forget all the stressors. Also, the island of Nantucket has 4,510 total vacant homes, and since 1970, the population has risen to 50%. There are no dull moments in staying here.

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

If you are looking for a ski resort in Tennessee, you must visit Gatlinburg. Since the only ski resort of Tennessee resides in this town. Living here means 24/7 access to the sights of the beautiful Great Smoky Mountains National Park. This is because Gatlinburg resides just on the edge of this park. It means endless exciting activities through different seasons.

You can enjoy skiing during the winter season and stimulating activities during summer and fall. Hence, Gatlinburg is perfect for people who are sporty and active who want the thrill of life. What’s more, is that the cost of living in Gatlinburg is cheaper than the US average!

Gulf Shores, Alabama

Before anything else, one thing to brag about Gulf Shores is its excellent weather year-round. It is recognized for its fantastic beach towns and beautiful sunrise over the Gulf. This place is perfect for couples, families, and retirees because of its peacefulness, and again, its beauty. To top it all, the taxes and cost of living in Gulf Shore are lower than any city in the country.

As mentioned, you can enjoy the warm sun all year round and be closer to the beach at the same time. You can try a parasail ride, have dinner by the water, or sunbathing without anyone minding are a few things you can experience if you stay in this town. Additionally, the community of Gulf Shore also has the “Leave Only Footprints” campaign to preserve the beautiful beaches for many more generations to come. 

Final Thoughts

Towns with the most vacant homes do not necessarily mean depression in their economy. Mainly, there are just seasonal and occasional residents. Also, not to mention people who own second homes. Every city is trying its best despite the ongoing pandemic.  It is without a doubt that these mentioned areas are something you should consider when you are thinking of relocating!

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