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We are not going green, We have been Green for a long time! Kenna Real Estate's Eco Brokers

Kenna Real Estate Going GreenWe go above and beyond to get out clients a home with little impact on the enviorment.

With the growing concern with organics and energency efficientcy the Denver Metrolist Matrix has added these field when looking for homes

  • GreenCertification 
  • GreenEnergyStarQualifiedYearCertified 
  • GreenFeatures 
  • GreenHasEnergyGreenFeaturesAddendumYN 
  • GreenHERSScore
  • GreenHERSYearCertified 
  • GreenLEEDCertifiedLevel 
  • GreenLEEDYearCertified 
  • GreenNGBSICC700CertifiedLevel 
  • GreenNGBSICC700YearCertified 
  • GreenOtherCertifications 
  • GreenSolarKilowatts 
  • GreenSolarPVYearCertified 
  • GreenSolarThermalType 
  • GreenSolarThermalYearCertified

What are these you ask?  We can answer these questions for you. Kenna Real Estate Agents are eco-smart and can help you figure this stuff out.  We also assist home buyers and sellers by advising them on Home products, ideas and expert advice on becoming "Green"

Saving energy saves Money, Recycle and repurpose,We do Digital eContracts, Use Recycled paper and paper products, drive Hybrid and eco friendly vehicles. This and many other items are done by us to do our part but most important is we know homes!

 Brian Burke, Broker at Kenna Real Estate has recently closed on one of very few GOLD LEED Certified homes in the Denver area. This home was amazing how from the Solar Electric System, to the hot water storage, in floor radeint heat, skylights, Green Energy Insulation and Building Materials is was very cool being part of a home that is almost off the grid (all but public water and sewer) Solar Electric, solar heat and hot water. Almost off the grid and close to Washington Park in the heart of the City in a very desireable area


Kenna Real Estate Going GreenKenna Real Estate Going Green

WHY THE FROG? At Kenna Real Estate we believe in Being Green! One of the ways we put action 
to our words it that a portion of every Sale is donated to the Rainforest Alliance, a BBB 
Wise Giving Accredited Charity. For more information see



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