Make Sure To Price Your Home Right When You Sell!

As we have seen the housing market is recovering pretty well. Prices have increased nationally by double digits over the last twelve months. The competition from the shadow inventory of lower priced distressed properties (foreclosures and short sales) is diminishing fast. Now may be the perfect time to sell your home and move to the dream house or beautiful location your family has always talked about without missing those low interest rates! Call Craig Adelman today at 303.809.8979.

There is one piece of advice you may not want to ignore: Do Not Over Price It!

Even though prices have increased by more than 10 percent over the last year, the acceleration of appreciation has slowed dramatically over the last few months. As an example, in their April Home Price Index Report, CoreLogic revealed that home prices actually depreciated by .08% this month as compared to last month’s report. What is concerning, is that Trulia just reported that asking prices are still continuing to increase.Call Craig Adelman today at 303.809.8979.

Because investor purchases are declining and there are more listings coming onto the market, we believe that sellers should be very cautious when they price their house. The alternative might be that you could lose money by overpricing your home at the start as explained in a research study on the matter.

Though it is a great time to sell your house, pricing it right is crucial. Get guidance from a real estate professional in your marketplace to ensure you get the best deal possible.Call Craig Adelman today at 303.809.8979.

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