Millennials very Optimistic and ready to buy in denver

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In a recent survey done by the PulteGroup, they revealed that the Millennial generation has a more optimistic outlook regarding the American economy than other generations. According to the survey, 54percent of Millennials believe the economy is in better shape today than it was last year compared to only 41% of the total population.

It seems this optimism is impacting purchasing decisions as 74% of Millennials view now as an excellent or good time to buy the things they want or need, call Craig Adelman today at 303.809.8979. Jim Zeumer, vice president of corporate communications for the PulteGroup explained:

"No other cohort of adults is nearly as confident about their economic future as the millennials are right now. This is definitely a change, as millennials have regularly been viewed as the disenfranchised generation vastly affected by the fallout of the recession.  But now, with an increased sense of optimism, this generation is starting to feel as though they have the resources available to lead the lives they want or expect to in the future."

                                                                WHAT ABOUT HOUSING?

When it came to Real Estate, the survey specifically indicated that:

  • § 85% of Millennials plan to purchase a home in the future Call Craig Adelman today at 303.809.8979
  • § 49% plan to purchase a home in the next two years
  • § Of those planning to purchase in the near-term, 56% own homes currently and 41%  are renting
  • § 65% prefer spending more money on a home that is move-in ready compared to doing renovations
  • § 58% increased their interest in purchasing a home in the past year as the positive attributes of homeownership resonate with this generation. Call Craig Adelman today at 303.809.8979.

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