Reasons Why Your Water Bill Is So High

Reasons Why Your Water Bill Is So High

While most of us try to conserve water as much as possible, there will always be situations when the water bill spikes for seemingly no reason. While this is normal, homeowners should always be wary of such occurrences, as a high water bill could mean serious damages for your property if not rectified. Here are five reasons why your water bill is so high and some solutions on how you can fix this problem.

Leaky Toilet

While often underplayed, a leaky toilet may be the root cause of a high water bill. In most cases, this is due to the toilet flapper, the part of the toilet that controls the flushing action. By itself, a leaky toilet can waste hundreds of gallons of water a day, and in some major cases, even cause a flood. One of the best ways to prevent this is to listen for the water shutoff after you flush the toilet. If it does not shut off, turn off the water for the toilet itself and purchase a new flush valve to replace the old one.

Leaky Faucet

Another reason your water bill may be so high is a leaky fixture. Often, these are also simple to investigate, as you can usually tell if a faucet is leaking based on the deterioration of the rubber washers in the handles. A simple fix for this issue is to just replace the washer with a new one.

Sprinkler System Leak

If you have a sprinkler system installed, a sprinkler system leak could also be your problem. While not as obvious at first glance, finding leaks in your irrigation system is a lot simpler than it sounds. Simply feel the grass and make note of any greener-than-average patches in your lawn or any soft, mushy spots. While it is simple to diagnose, repairing a sprinkler system leak is something you should leave to a plumber.

Lateral Line

A lateral line leak is something that can happen to any house and will also result the highest spike on your water bill. One way to detect a lateral line leak is similar to detecting a sprinkler system leak; simply look for soft, mushy grass and greener-than-average patches. For this sort of leak, you will want to hire a good plumber.

Outdoor Hose Leak

An outdoor hose leak is an extremely common leak that occurs with deteriorating hose lines or the spigot itself. One of the easiest ways to tell if a hose leak is the problem is to turn the hose on and check for any water leaks in the hose while the nozzle is closed. Checking the spigot is a little easier, as an inspection of the ground around the nozzle is the only action that needs to take place.

Oftentimes, finding out the reasons why your water bill is so high can be frustrating, especially when the costs for finding these leaks sometimes add to an already large bill. However, you can be sure that if you take these preventative steps, you will be saving yourself a lot of money in the future.

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