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Looking for a fun, hip place to call home, that isn’t too far from the center of Denver? SoBo is an up-and-coming Denver neighborhood that’s been quietly developing for over a decade, and thanks to its cool vibe is set to become even more popular. After our recent move, Kenna Real Estate is now located right in the heart of the SoBo area, on the corner of Broadway and Yale, and as experts in local real estate we're uniquely positioned to benefit buyers and sellers of SoBo properties. Read on to find out more about the SoBo area and all it offers, and call Kenna Real Estate if you’re interested in buying or selling property in Englewood or Denver!

Where Exactly is SoBo?

SoBo is the nickname for a particular region of South Broadway near Englewood, a little way out from the center of Denver. Located around 1.5 miles out of Downtown Denver and south of the I-25, SoBo stretches to the end of the zero-hundred block of the city, and spans parts of both Englewood and Denver. However, while SoBo is becoming a well-recognized name for this part of town, this area isn’t actually an official map-designated neighborhood. Instead, SoBo is more of an unofficial district, centered around and named after one street—South Broadway. It’s a place that’s known to Englewood residents and Denver locals for its eclectic mix of bars, music venues, boutique restaurants and one-of-a-kind retail stores. Many neighborhoods like to claim they have something for everyone, but in the case of the SoBo district in Denver, it’s definitely true!

Local Property Experts Right in the SoBo Neighborhood

If you want to sell your SoBo property, or are hoping to buy a home in the SoBo area, your first step should be to give us a call at Kenna Real Estate! Our local property experts have all the essential SoBo information at their fingertips, and if you’re buying or selling in this area, it pays to work with the agents who work right in this highly sought-after neighborhood. We’ve been helping people buy and sell their SoBo real estate for years, which means we have our fingers on the pulse of the neighborhood and we understand what makes the market tick! In fact, we’re all-round Denver and Englewood experts too, thanks to our many years of hard work in the real estate business, and to the passionate and enthusiastic agents who are part of Kenna Real Estate.

Whether you’re looking for an older SoBo home, a more recently built home, or a new-construction property, the expert agents at Kenna Real Estate are the people to call. If you’re looking to buy, we can help you find the newest listings and see the SoBo homes that appeal to you—and then help you close the deal when you find a home you love. If you have a SoBo property you want to sell, Kenna Real Estate can help you find a buyer and help you sell at the right price.

SoBo Homes on Suburban Streets are in High Demand

Looking for a home located within a convenient distance of one of the most popular up-and-coming shopping and dining districts in Denver? South Broadway is a busy and highly enjoyable place for great shopping, varied dining opportunities, and lots of night life, but just a few streets away are the kinds of pretty tree-lined suburban streets and cute homes that dreams are made of. From compact 1920s ranch-style homes to comfortable 1950s cottages, there are plenty of older SoBo homes for sale to delight those who love the vintage look. Many are smaller two to three bedroom homes, perfect for singles, couples, and smaller families.

Some of the homes in the older parts of the neighborhood are over 100 years old, and many more, built in the 1920s and 1930s, are coming up on a century old too. Many of these older homes have been renovated and remodeled to meet the demands of a modern lifestyle, so there’s no need to compromise on convenience and comfort if you’d love to live in one of these vintage beauties.

If you prefer a newer home, don’t worry—SoBo has those too! While many streets are lined with early to mid-20th century homes, there are many new and recently-built properties in and around the area, perfect for those who love the modern home aesthetic. SoBo is full of attractive condos and apartments in addition to its wealth of single-family homes, and is a great place to live for people in all stages of life.

Antique Row, The Green Mile, and More

SoBo is home to a number of unique attractions that make this part of Englewood, Denver, a must-visit for residents from all over the city—as well as a regular haunt for those who are lucky enough to live there! The suburban streets that lie on either side of South Broadway are perfect for people who want to enjoy a busy urban lifestyle, while still retaining all the benefits of home ownership out of the inner city region. And there are so many great things about living near South Broadway!

For one, it’s the city’s go-to neighborhood for antiquing, thanks to Antique Row, a stretch of fantastic antique stores offering everything from Victorian furniture to pre-loved dolls and toys, to collector’s items, and furniture and other pieces from the 18th century. There are around 100 stores in an 18-block stretch, and this comprises one of the most extensive selections of antique dealers in the entire country. Antique Row is the perfect place to spend a day browsing just for fun, or to find a new piece or two to complement your new SoBo home.

SoBo has become a popular destination with Denver residents for another reason, too. What is known to some as The Green Mile is the same two-mile stretch of South Broadway that houses Antique Row—but now there are more than 15 legal cannabis dispensaries located along this same stretch of road, which has given this region its second nickname. In fact, it’s partly the legalization of cannabis in Colorado, and the subsequent flourishing of The Green Mile, that has led to the increasing popularity of SoBo as a both a local hangout area and as as residential neighborhood. People who visit the dispensaries often stay on South Broadway to continue shopping, so the demand for new stores, places to eat, and other amenities is only increasing.

SoBo has much more to offer than antiques and dispensaries, of course! While these stores are two of the biggest drawcards and are frequented by many Englewood and Denver residents, SoBo has plenty of other attractions. There are used bookstores, unique avant-garde clothing stores, art galleries, restaurants, bars and micro-breweries, live music venues, and so much more!

Residents of SoBo Homes can Enjoy a New Adventure Every Night

If you’re interested in living in SoBo, chances are the night life is one of the many attractions of the area that appeals to you. From good old-fashioned pizza and burger joints to sophisticated restaurants and plenty of ethnic food options, you can dine out every night, and never eat the same meal twice. There are scores of live music venues and other evening entertainment options to ensure every night you spend in SoBo is fun and memorable. And as a resident of SoBo your own piece of the neighborhood is waiting nearby when you’re ready to head back home!

Real Estate Options and Amenities Galore

People who are interested in moving into the SoBo area have some excellent home-buying options, from cozy 1920s and 1930s cottages to 1950s ranch-style homes to cutting-edge modern apartment and condo living. Along with varied real estate options, people living in SoBo also have access to a great range of essential amenities located nearby, including schools, grocery stores, local gyms, and access to light rail and other public transport. There are several universities located in the city, along with several hospitals near SoBo itself, and of course, all the shopping you could ever want on South Broadway. And with downtown Denver only a mile and a half away, it’s easy to enjoy everything the city has to offer.

Buying or Selling in SoBo? Call Kenna Real Estate Today!

Whether you want to buy or sell property in SoBo, or in any other part of Englewood or the greater Denver area, call Kenna Real Estate to work with the very best agents in the city! Our realtors know the city and the housing market, and they’re eager to use that knowledge to help property buyers and sellers find the Denver real estate deals that work for them.

Looking to buy or sell a home in SoBo? For current SoBo real estate listings head to our Kenna Real Estate website, and be sure to contact one of our Denver property agents for more information about SoBo homes and the local property market!

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